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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

weekly finds :: 3/2/11.

it has now become a pretty regular habit for me to stop by salvation army and goodwill once a week after school for a quick look at the kids clothes, probably because they are needing more warm weather clothes lately. oh, and i have a new baby coming. ::grin!:: rarely, i venture into other sections. it's easy for me to scour the kids clothes in my 15-20 minutes, but starting in on other departments is too time-consuming for my regular trips most of the time. though it's sometimes only a couple of pieces, i hardly ever leave empty-handed. it's a great way to boost the closets of little ones who to need new clothes seasonally.

first up, shorts for gray.

from one of my if-i-had-lots-of-money-i'd-shop-here stores, mini boden. score!

next, a sweet baby gap dress for baby 3.

it's seriously so light and airy. perfect for texas summers.

it's 6-12 months, not perfect for the june bug's seasons, but i'm hoping it'll still fit next spring. i'm a sucker for eyelet.

also 6-12 months, this red and white striped gymboree top will be great for cooler weather. i love the little bow at the neckline.

this dream combination of mustard/chocolate color scheme, seersucker fabric AND eyelet trim does not have a tag. so i'm assuming it's handmade. i'll just keep trying it on her until it fits.

see? love!

quadruple bonus: it's open in the back! what could be better than chubby baby back rolls and fluffy cloth diaper butt showing? nada.

though i didn't spend much time in housewares, a quick glance had me adding this glass daisy canister to my loot. it's bright and cheery, and i intend to add it to the top of june bug's shelf.

i also scored this mary poppins novel from the 60s with cover art to die for.

i love the navy/yellow combination...

...and the illustrations of the banks family. this will go in baby 3's room, too.

and finally, the price round up.
not a bad haul for $7.31, huh?

i heart thrifting!

p.s. i know this trip doesn't include anything for ellie, but believe me, i find plenty for her on most of my trips. next time, i'll show you some things i've gotten for her. lots of cuteness.


love said...

whoa. i [unfortunately] do not love thrifting, but THIS is impressive. and i always wish i were good at it.

Wendy said...

That little yellow dress is so adorable. I can't wait until garage sale season starts.

La said...

that's awesome that you got a hardback book for a quarter. our local thrift stores like to charge $2 for hardbacks no matter how old or new. and i second wendy - can't wait for garages sales!

Anonymous said...

That yellow and chocolate dress for Lylah is AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to see her little dark-haired (fingers crossed) cubby booty in it. GLORIOUS!!!