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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Sunday, January 16, 2011

thrifted treasure.

one of my most favorite things to do is thrift. i love finding good quality items with lots of life left in them at great prices. as an added bonus, we are wearing/decorating with/using things that not everyone else is wearing/decorating with/using. i dig the uniqueness. i'm thinking of starting a little series on my blog about my finds since i get such a kick out of scoring them. also, landon and i had a multi-hour-long budget conversation yesterday where we set some pretty ambitious financial goals. these goals are are likely going to limit me to thrifting for my shopping thrill for the next several months. sounds like a double challenge!

first up...

...this sweet little green lands' end dress.
i found it at salvation army for $1.49.
it soft, thick cotton that feels high quality and looks adorable.

the jean jacket is mossimo from target.
i bought it at once upon a child in plano for $2 (i think).
i typically don't buy brands like target, walmart, or even old navy at thrift/second-hand stores because they are fairly cheap to start with.
but this was a great price on a super cute, super versatile jacket.

her tights and boots are not thrifted, but they were bought on sale at target (98 cents) and old navy ($8), respectively. (yes, we are posing on the potty. what can i say? that bathroom has good light.)

oh! how'd that get in there? he's not wearing anything thrifted today. but he sure is cute!


Ballentine said...

LOVE it! And, looking forward to your thrifted treasure posts!! I am an avid Goodwill shopper, and stand in line for consignment sales... it is such a high to get a steal of a deal!

crys said...

i want to join you on your thrifting adventures! let me know next time you go!

A*1 said...

I miss my children! I was beginning to wonder if they still existed because I haven't seen them in FOREVER!!! Good to know that they are still as precious as ever. :)