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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Sunday, February 20, 2011

nursery nook progress.

the nook.

i'm contemplating the new baby's space (along with the master as a whole) on the regular these days. i thought i'd post some progress to see if you guys had any input.

as you'll see in the photos, we now have a rug! it's a crazy nice carpet that my mom has loaned me long-term since she doesn't really have use for it in her apartment at the moment. seriously, never in my wildest dreams would we have been able to get a rug like this in here if we were purchasing one so i'm way pumped. obtaining this rug has basically negated the color/inspiration board i posted awhile back. some of the pieces may still work, but the scheme itself wasn't going to.

i am consistently drawn to light, bright rooms with darker oriental or persian style rugs on wood floors so that's what i'm attempting to accomplish in here eventually.

the walls are staying bare so far because painting the room is the first order of business. below are the two chips i've been contemplating. it's super hard to tell the difference on here, but the right one is first star and the left is oyster white, both sherwin williams. i think i'm going with oyster white because it's a more creamy, ivory color that looks better with our headboard. first star is more gray. the wall painting should get started this week.

painting the walls is going to make a huge difference in lightening the space, which i think will help me make the next decisions. i'm also contemplating a window treatment for that window. there are blinds there now. i can't decide if that's enough.

like should i paint this shelf? my granddaddy built it, and it was in many a playroom while i was growing up. it's got lots of water spots and pencil marks on it so it could use a good refinishing. but i also sort of dig how it wears its history.

the cradle we already had with the bedding we already had. i am open to getting a new cradle sheet in some sort of print. the bouncer we already had with an ikea sheepskin. the vintage book holder was used in my great-aunt's classroom, and i will not be painting it. i need to do a closeup of the awesome baby animals painted on it. so fab. i am contemplating how to use its available storage.

this is a random iron shelf that i bought at kirkland's and am not at all opposed to painting it. right now, it's also where the clothes we have reside. i'm pretty sure they won't stay there. where will they go? i don't know. our closet is pretty packed already. i don't have to keep this shelf in here if i don't need the space. but somehow, i'm guessing i will.

i'm planning on some art hanging on the blank wall there above the bouncer and book holder. i have a million things heart'd on etsy. i just need to decide what look and color scheme i want.

i could scoot this shelf over to the other side of the window (moving the book shelf and bouncer) and put the glider that currently resides in gray's room here. i'm hesitating on that because i'm betting i'll mostly bring the baby into the bed to nurse and cuddle. but it's not totally off the table. also, that chair is, like, sage green. not sure how that mixes.

regarding the color palate so far: there isn't much that says baby girl besides the pink clothes hanging on the iron shelf. the things on top of the shelf were all purchased before we knew she was a she. i am not super bothered by the neutrality of the space since she will be sharing the room with her daddy. i'm not sure he'd love a cotton candy explosion in his sleeping space. nor would i, honestly. and i want the room to look cohesive. but...i'd love to do some things that make it obvious that a baby girl sleeps here.

we need new bedding. i (think i) want to stay white (or some neutral variation), but need a bigger comforter and would love something linen or equally textural. my dream bedding is from restoration hardware. (ha. ha, ha. ha, ha, HA.) this bedside table is just a decorator table i had on hand. i'd love to find something different.

i am also open to getting lighter window treatments for this set of sliding glass doors. currently they are a brown tweed-like fabric that block out all light when closed. landon insists that the bedroom should be pitch black, but i like things a little lighter...

so, to recap:
  • i am open to any furniture rearrangement (or elimination) within the nook. (the bed and dresser need to stay put.)
  • should i bring in the green glider?
  • should i paint the wooden shelf? what color?
  • should i paint the iron shelf? what color?
  • how can i make it more girly?
  • what other colors should i mix in to lighten things up?
  • how should i organize her stuff on the shelves?
  • how should i store her clothes?
  • should i add/change window treatments?
  • should i leave the cradle bedding plain ivory or buy a patterned sheet?
  • what type/color/look should i go for on the art wall?
in conclusion, creating a nursery nook in an existing room is harder than creating a nursery in a stand-alone room. please, tell me you have genius ideas.


Ballentine said...

I love the room! I'd paint the bookshelf and dresser the same, maybe a creamy taupe or other neutral color. If your husband likes the dark drapes, I'd stick with those, but you can also find some amazing and cheep Restoration Hardware knockoffs at JC Penny, you could go with a creamy textured drape with black out. I can't wait to see how this progresses, so fun!

Wendy said...

Were you going to move a crib in there when she outgrows that cradle or were you going to move her in with her sister at that point? I was just thinking, as beautiful as that craddle is, she'll probably outgrow it at 6 -7 mths. If it were me, I wouldn't want to put too much effort into an area that's only going to be there a few mths. I would just focus on making it into the master I wanted instead. I think either way, you'll make it into something great. Can't wait to see.

[[TracyAnn]] said...

Do you need any baby art? ;)

jane said...

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