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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Friday, December 10, 2010

little birds boutique.

several months ago, i was browsing etsy when i found THE gift i wanted for ellie this christmas: a teepee. i spent the time between then and now looking all over etsy as well as traditional stores for the perfect tent at the perfect price. i considered several options before settling on little birds boutique.

fran is a stay-at-home mom to twin girls, and initially started sewing for them. she has a very well-stocked shop with items ranging from teepees to reusable snack bags (love) to super cute hair clips.
one of the reasons, i chose fran's teepee is because she sends the fabric portion with instructions on how to assemble the "sticks" using inexpensive pvc pipe from the local hardware store that you buy yourself. this cuts down considerably on shipping for a fairly large item. while i love shopping online, i loathe spending tons of money on shipping. second, her teepees are typically very colorful with a patchwork of various fabrics. i, however, am minimalist (some say boring) in my toy selection, and i wanted a plain ivory teepee. this custom request was no problem for fran. she was happy to oblige. third, fran is super communicative and friendly, and i am very happy to support a stay-at-home mom who is working hard to help with her family's income! finally, and this was the deal breaker, fran gives back even more to her customers by offering a 15 percent discount on your first purchase over $30 if you blog about your experience with her shop. hello! i will take that. also, i think that's a genius way for a mom-run business to advertise her wares.

i am super pumped to see ellie's face when she sees her little birds boutique teepee in a couple weeks. i am imagining hiding, reading, snacking, hide-n-seeking and a thousand other exciting adventures inside. thanks for the great experience, fran!

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La said...

Very cute! I've never seen those before and they are much cuter than the kid tents that you normally find. (which we have plenty of!) I'm sure Ellie will have lots and lots of fun times in there. I want a tent for ME! Do they come in big sizes?