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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Friday, February 05, 2010

ellie's big girl room: part 1, the paint.

while plans have been in the works for some time, it is official go time on transforming ellie's nursery into her big girl room. (no, those are not tears welling up in my eyes, and i am not wailing, "she's still my baby!!" i have no idea where you're getting that.)

first step: paint. i have been adoring vintage-y, bohemian little girl rooms like this and this and this. the paint in the majority of these rooms is white or ivory. i didn't want to go absolutely no color so i chose a very pale yellow inspired by ellie's big girl quilt, a gift from mamo for christmas.

this is the quilt.
the paint is paper lantern by sherwin williams*.

as it turns out, dude, it's hard to take pictures of paint. accurate ones, at least. especially when it's so pale. but. people. it's just the teensiest bit yellow, and it's totally gonna be the perfect neutral backdrop for her colorful things. i'm totally pumped. if you couldn't tell.

the yellow is a little more obvious when i hold up some of the things that will eventually hang (back up) on her wall.

even more so with something in a white frame...maybe?

or a white plate with a cute red heart?

if you can't tell it's yellow you'll just have to come see it in person. this is the color with only one coat. maybe it will be more obvious once there are two coats. i'm getting another gallon this afternoon for greg, our totally-awesome-ex-professional-painter-friend who paints for me all the time because he is totally awesome like that. painting this room is his birthday present to ellie. she loves it. she's totally pumped. like me. mother and daughter pumpage. (that just sounded like a really weird reference to nursing. but i digress.) awesome.

check back for more updates. the goal is to have it ready and rockin' by her birthday on the 13th. which is next saturday. when she will be 3. three. THREE. ::sob::

*i went with sherwin williams paint after infuriating my totally-awesome-painter-friend greg by giving him a can of olympia paint with which to paint a peg shelf (which reminds me, i should hang that, take a picture and post) a couple weeks ago. it took him four coats and kept dragging and pilling and...yeah. he was annoyed. in his words, "i just want to throw something...olympic paint is like the dollar general brand of paints." so i picked sw's duration paint. it is low-odor, low-VOC and stands up to even the most intense scrubbing. score. and bonus: the guy at the store hooked me up with a painter's account, which gets me discounts and saves my colors in their system. double score.

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La said...

I can't wait to see the finished room! You're making me want to redo my girls' room (I already know what I want to do) but there are too many other projects that need attention first. =(

I've used Olypmpic and have like it fine. I've used SW too and thought it was also fine. The only paints I have NOT liked (and I've painted a ton) are Walmart (AWEFUL, HORRIBLE!) and the Signature line by Valspar at Lowes. The Valspar stuff should be good (costs over $30 a gallon) but I had a terrible experience and wont use it on a bet now.

That's nice you have someone to do your painting for you! I wish Greg would come help me paint a huge wall along our stairs! I'm still not sure how I'm doing that. =)