Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Friday, December 18, 2009

christmas vacation: thoughts and plans.

it is officially here, and i'm betting an onslaught of blogging is coming. along with the blogging, i plan to soak up the sweetness of my family. currently, i can't quit gazing at my kids who are busy organizing tiny rubber alphabet stamps in star-shaped ice cube trays. the occasional dance break to the christmas music i'll have a hard time ever turning off for the next seven days is also bringing peace to my heart.

over the next two weeks, i plan to do something outside - even if we have to bundle up - every day, indulge creative impulses whenever the mood strikes, admire the wrapped-in-butcher-paper gifts under the christmas tree, take pictures, sleep, eat the "local" tortilla soup and texas two-step chili (from austin and dallas, respectively) i found at heb and a dozen other things that don't make it into the days where i'm working, stuffed full of must-dos and have-tos.

and, of course, i will set about making christmas in my heart, remembering the blessings i enjoy are possible because of a God who so knows and cares for every fiber of my being that He sent His child to be a sacrifice to give me a hope and a future. i am feeling "a call" on my life so strongly lately, and i am so thankful to the One who so intimately speaks to my heart in complex and concrete ways.


one of the first things i am ruminating over to start this brand-new vacation is ellie's "big girl room." you read that her "need" this christmas is big girl bedding, and with it will come a (theoretically) minor redecoration of her room. of course, i want a vintage look -- a bit toned down from the bright colors of her baby room. repurposing, reusing, thrift shops and garage sales are the name of the game, as always, and i'm really looking forward to the project.

i will post inspiration photos as i find them. here are the first:

i have been wanting to infuse red into the color scheme in her room for some time, and am thinking a super light, creamy yellow for the walls. i want a pretty neutral background off of which to pop accessories. we already have her headboard; i'll take a photo soon. it's a hand-me-down from my mom that was my sister's when she was at home. it's a distressed, off-white, shutter style. twin, of course. there is a matching dresser, tall. i got off-white, organic sheets. mamo, bless her, bought the quilt i wanted for her big gift to ellie. click here to see.

feel free to jump in with suggestions, if you have any.

i am looking forward to focusing on my family, my home and my heart for the next several days.


Wendy said...

Loving the bedroom ideas!

La said...

I saw some photos this past week that have put me in the big girl room redo mood too. As is, their room isn't babyish, but it's soft and sweet. The picture I found was little girl but way more, uh, chic? It had red in it too and a little zebra print too. Normally I wouldn't like the way that sounded at all, but this room was perfect. A great mix of vintage and modern.

I'll look forward to see what you do with Miss E's room!