Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, March 19, 2009

easter centerpiece: the beginning.

here are my spray painted bunnies:

i got all three of them for $3 total at christian's in action yesterday. they weren't horrendously ugly, but i like them much better in their plain white.

me, being impatient, spray painted them too heavily and quickly at first which resulted in bubbles and drips. i sanded those off and then resprayed, but they are now weirdly patchy and mottled in some spots. you can't really tell in the pictures though, and that's about as close as i figure anyone is going to get to them. i could try to peel off all the paint and start over or go and buy some more and do it right. but...we've already established that i'm impatient. so. these will have to do for now.

here's where you come in. do you like them in the bowl with the paper grass? if you don't, what would you suggest? different container? different filler? if you do like them (and even if you don't), what should i add around the bowl to complete the look? i'm feeling a red and robin's egg blue color scheme developing in my kitchen for spring. you see the "tablecloth" (actually a piece of not-even-hemmed fabric folded and laid over the table) that i have, and my seat cushions are red.

i need some of your domestic goddessness! (yes, that is a word.)



kablot spot said...

I'm thinking little eggs, possibly even the little hershey's eggs (if you don't think that's dumb.) hidden in you grass stuff.

marme said...

that's just what I was thinking...chocolate eggs!

maybe a touch of red somewhere in that grass if you're wanting to bring out red as well. in the current good housekeeping they did a similar centerpiece with dyed eggs in the middle and those were in a smaller bowl set in a shallow one with some water in the shallow one and carnations cut and put around the smaller bowl. you could do red carnations.

Michelle said...

What about a small candle stick with a small plate on top for each bunny with a little of the green grass under each one. Maybe even make the candle sticks different height. I do like the idea of the chocolate eggs, everything is better with chocolate.

Mari said...

Yeah...what they said.

You know me. I've got nothing.

sharonippolito said...

I like the egg idea, and maybe mix in some red grass with the blue to get the red you wanted.

A's Rich Life said...

red jelly beans

or paint red polka-dots on the bunnies since they're not "perfect" anyways, u cud hide the mistakes...

Cherie Mac said...

eyes! the bunnies need eyes with pupils - will make them come to life...see if you can paint some with acrylic paint (it washes off if you mess up) or maybe a creative friend would do them for ya.