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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

mr. stupid, idiot motorcycle man does not realize his good fortune.

because if we were not moving, i would march out to his stupid, idiot yellow motorcycle and tell him that if he stands out next to it, smoking a cigarette, revving it for five minutes straight before he takes off in a cloud of ridiculous noise and dust while my baby is taking a nap one more time, i will personally take his precious motorcycle and throw it into the dumpster!

and how would he liked that, mr. i'm 50 but i'm so cool with my cigarettes and my loud yellow stupid, idiot motorcycle?!?!?



no_iffer said...

You crack me up! Perhaps you should leave a note that says something like,
"Unless you want the wrath of a sleep deprived, exhausted mother taking out her anger on your ridiculous bike, I highly suggest you rev your mid life crisis elsewhere."

Of course you would have to write this by gluing cut out letters to paper so it couldn't be traced to you...

La said...

Our neighbor is also about 50 and has a motorcycle. He's a crossing guard in the mornings so everyday before 7:00am, he's out in his driveway revving up his engine. It used to wake my kids up everyday (and that was before JD started school so it was REALLY annoying). We are now strong believers in fans for our kids now. The louder the better. The more kids you have the better. It's well worth the $10 or $15. =)

I like no_iffer's note idea though. You should do that....

Amy said...

Ha ha ha! You are hillarious! I called the cops the other day when I had my nieces in the car due to these stupid teenagers racing at about 80 down a 40 mph road and they were even passing in the turning lane...I was fuming...I probably wouldn't have been so mad had my neices not been in the car...I felt old because I called the cops on stupid teenagers...I'm glad there is other sane people out there like you who think like me...I probalby would have rolled the window down and told him what I thought of him...(in a nice way of course :0))