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Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

calling all ocd house cleaners.

cleaning supplies baffle me. there are way too many options. and i don't feel like i can tell whether one is working better than another.

in my experience, any toilet bowl cleaner works, but i can't find anything to cut the grease on my cooktop. i know what makes ellie's exersaucer look clean, but is it really clean? and it annoys me to scrub and scrub in the bathroom only to feel like i am making no headway. (yes, i know cleaning more often would help remedy this problem. lay off, OK?)

clorox? windex? comet?

i need some tips. i know all you clean freaks have favorites. not only favorite cleaning products, but also favorite cleaning tools. paper towels? sponges? your husband's old underwear?

i also need a good vacuum recommendation. my house in san angelo will have carpet and wood floors, landon and ellie both have allergies and we have a dog. even though i have lived on my own for six years now, i have never owned a vacuum.

OK.. now that you have come to after passing out on the floor, i have been borrowing one, but it has gone kaput.

get commenting.


Missy said...

when we clean some rent houses we use mean green. it works really well. its from the dollar store. i don't touch sponges they are infested with germs. yuck.

beautiful chaos said...

always bleach.
I use it until my lungs hurt and my hands start to crack.
but that's what ocd people do.
I really do use bleach a lot but the best thing I have ever found for cleaning carpet is a spray can of glass cleaner. No I'm not joking.
I have gotten out impossible stains on carpet with glass cleaner.
But mostly, it's bleach and a wash cloth.

no_iffer said...

Okay, well, I am definitely not the person to be handing out cleaning advice, but I like to feel like I am helping others so here is my input.

I am, as was determined earlier, the cheapest person on the planet so I try to use the least number of cleaning supplies possible. I have found that 409 and Clorox Clean up do well on almost any surface.

Comet is great for bath tubs and sinks.

Armstrong's mopping stuff doesn't leave your floor sticky when you mop.

And Mr. Clean's magic eraser is just that, Magic. Really. I don't know how that little white sponge does the things it does, but it's amazing.

I have no advice on Vacuum cleaners because I hate mine.

I dust with an old cloth diaper and pledge.

Glass plus works better than windex in my opinion.

And I can't wait to hear La's and A's advice here because I know it will be great and I will change my mind about everything I just said. Except the magic eraser. That thing rocks.

marme said...

Sprayway Glass Cleaner in the blue and white can.

Nanny introduced me to Soft Scrub Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser and it is fantastic.

Defintely the Magic Eraser

And the sprayway does work on carpet!

Chris said...

We have the best vacuum that is affordable as well. Its not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. Lennon actually picked it out at Target, after researching vacuums at different stores.

It is specifically for dog/pet hair clean up and it has adjustments for bare floors and carpet. I use it on our wood floors so I don’t have to sweep. It is bag-less and you can feel the sucking power. It is a Bissel and now I don't know what the model is but it is blue and it is for having pets. I will get back with you on that model #,name.

Meems said...

Scrubbing Bubbles will get a dirty bathroom clean without effort.

Bleach gets out stains on countertops really well.

Magic Eraser is new to me. It works wonders.

Dawn cuts through grease.

Nanna's Place said...

Okay here it is from the "neat freak" I have found the Oreck is the absolute best vaccum, love it. For the bathroom cleaner, and I have tried many, It is Lysol bathroom cleaner and a small scrub brush. Makes the bathroom sparkle and smells good when you are done.

marme said...

We sound like a stinkin infomercial!

Adam said...

I always use Srubbing Bubbles on everything. Pam says I'm obsessed with it, but you just spray it on wait three minutes and wipe away, no scrubbing. Safe for kitchen use as well and it has a nice clean lemony smell.