Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the girl with two dads.

there once was a girl who was very, very lucky.

she had two wonderful dads.

one of her dads she had known since she was born. the other one she met much later.

this story is about the other one.

the girl met this other one in a church foyer on a cool october day. she was nervous. she knew she'd be meeting him. she wanted him to like her.

she never dreamed he would love her with a love that was unconditional and overwhelming. he knew her past. he knew her mistakes. he knew she'd make mistakes in the future too. still, he loved her with all his heart.

as time went on, he accepted her as his own.

and one day, as she had always hoped, she did become his daughter - she married his son.

she will never forget the day her second dad stood before her along with his son. looking at him as he told her he'd prayed for her since his son was born was one of the best moments of her life. her heart melted because she knew that day she had gained two amazing men. a husband and a dad. she could have asked for nothing more.



i can't imagine what i did to deserve a father-in-law like you. you are patient, honest and wise. i feel safe when i'm in your presence. you raised an amazing son. i see a lot of you in him. lucky me. thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me. i can't wait to see what the future holds as we work side-by-side to win souls to the Kingdom. i know it will be wonderful.

happy birthday and i love you.



marme said...

thanks sarah, he's sitting in his chair with big ole tears rolling down his face...

I think he loves you...


ree said...

He's not the only one with tears...

That was beautiful.

I really think you could write for a living! ;)

cassandralynne. said...

beautiful. and wonderful. and when are you meeting with a publisher about the book you're going to write? :o)

JAC said...

Totally beautiful! You are indeed blessed!

Chris said...

I have tears too as I read this in my office. I'm a mess right now after reading that!