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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Saturday, September 04, 2010

weekend of bliss: hello, fall!

it's still early on saturday, and i'm already proclaiming this the best weekend of the year. it's the last official weekend of summer. last night, we had dinner with good friends before i came home and did some yoga, took a long, luxurious bath, and spent some sweet quality time with landon. high school football is in its second week. college football started today. (smu plays texas tech tomorrow on espn! go ponies!) nfl football starts thursday - so close i can taste it. it's beautiful outside - highs in the 80s, which feels downright cool right now in central texas. i'm watching my nephew while david and landon play golf. (he's napping or else he'd be in these photos.) i'm meal planning and cooking for the week, which has grown to be one of my favorite activities of the weekend. my first re-group of the year is tomorrow night. and monday is a holiday. what more could i ask for?

"gray gray is my customer, mommy."

how does she know what a customer is?

feeding tea to puppy.

puzzle time.

running laps.

if it looks like my living room is bare that's because it is. i had the carpet cleaned yesterday...WOOHOO...and i haven't put the furniture back yet. to be honest, i love how open it is without much in it. the kids are loving the room to play and run. i am getting the urge to sell large quantities of our stuff and just leave more space. i'm not just talking about ugly junk that's easy to get rid of in a garage sale. i'm talking about LOTS of stuff, like half of our furniture. is that crazy? i am staring at it for the day, and i'm going to be very selective about what i put back. we're thinking about painting in here on monday, too, which would further freshen the room.

also, i've already started thinking about christmas gifts, christmas cards, christmas photos and christmas decorations. i know it's far from time, but it's getting closer, and i love this season of anticipation.

oh, fall, how you inspire me.


Meems said...

I think I remember you saying you follow a meal website, or some kind of meal planner. If you do would you mind passing it along. :)

Christal said...

i love the fall so much! my favorite is the smell of burning leaves. Wish we could see you guys. The kids already look so big.