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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Sunday, January 04, 2009


grayson is wheezing. it started out as a cough on thursday, and yesterday morning he woke up wheezing. it's gotten worse and he is still coughing. he coughed so hard and long this morning that he threw up. his temperature has never been higher than 100.6, and, though he isn't as bright-eyed as normal, we can still get smiles out of him. he was up every 2 hours last night, and had a hard time going back to sleep because of the coughing. i'm also nervous about the fact that his diapers for the past few days have been practically dry. ellie has been sick since tuesday or so, but has never had any wheezing or fever. just lots of coughing. i think she's on the mend.

i called the doctor on call (we're in san antonio for christmas no. 5) last night about gray, and she told me there are several viruses going around that can cause wheezing. some of them are not anything that we'd do anything for except ride it out. she said if he is struggling to nurse because breathing alone is too exhausting or i can see his ribcage with every breath i should take him to the er. she said to hold out if possible because if we weren't sick before we went to the hospital, we would be after going. otherwise, she said i should definitely take him to the doctor on monday.

so.. the wheezing is worse and his breath is shallower than it should be. but i really don't wanna go to the er. especially not in san antonio. i'm gonna try hard to get us home this afternoon, make it through the night and take him first thing in the morning to the pediatrician.

casen and owen and jacob are sick too. i cried earlier. i hate sick babies!


JAC said...

Will be praying!!!! Love on them babies. Our baby boy sounds as though he definitely needs liquids of some kind - anything you can tempt him with - IF there is no wee!

alicia said...

So very scary. We'll be praying. Putting his name on the fridge and mirror.

Christina said...

I hope he feels better soon. David has had the croup twice and I know how scary that feeling can be. Just remember how tough and resilient these little guys are. I will keep you in my prayers.

Sara_Smiles said...

Praying for your guy, too. I will suggest pedialite, fruit flavored. 'Cause if he's dehydrated - not peeing - that means an IV... usually. Thinking about you!

Chris said...

We are praying that Gray is feeling better soon! Love you guys and miss you