Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Saturday, July 26, 2008

so i got the no sleep thing down.

i've been up since about 5:45. i went to bed around 12:15. i was awake at 2:30 and 4:30.

i'm ready for a baby to come so i can have something to do with my time in the middle of the night other than stare into the darkness and endure incurable heartburn. (i do realize i may completely regret saying that in a couple weeks. don't remind me that i said it at that time. if you do, i cannot promise i won't punch you.)

i'm in dallas.

pause for scolding looks and bewildered exclaimations of, "your doctor let you travel?!"

no. my doctor did not let me travel. if she knew i was here, she'd be ticked. so i didn't tell her. hehe.

my sister-in-law, kelly, is throwing me a shower in a little more than 4 hours. she is the picture of chic and creative so i'm super pumped. maybe that's why i can't sleep.

also, we're bringing home gray's glider and lots of other little things for his nursery this afternoon on the way back. after i order the rug for his room, get the furniture situated and adorn the walls, his nursery will be complete. maybe that's why i can't sleep.

also, tonight i get to see landon for the first time in nearly a week. maybe that's why i can't sleep.

i really am looking forward to today and then getting back home to finish readying my nest for my new baby. things should be pretty laid back until he's born -- no more traveling. i do have the garage sale in a week, but that should really be pretty simple. i've purged most everything in the house that needs to go. all there's left to do is set up. a few lovely friends and some sonic happy hour drinks, and we can knock that out in an evening, right?

the dresser is painted. the bathroom is painted -- greg finished it thursday night after i'd left. i can't wait to see! a little accesorizing in there, and i'm finally gonna like my bathroom. oh, and i need to schedule an appointment with missy to clean my carpet again. nasty. nasty. nasty. i hate that stuff. i wonder how old it is. i wish i could rip it up.

anyway, i guess i just feel the life transition upon me, and i'm ready. my readiness is hindering my sleep patterns.

i watched a baby story yesterday. bad idea, by the way. but the little boy was pretty unsure about his coming sister until the first time he saw her. granted, he was a little older than ellie, but the way his eyes lit up like he knew she was his encouraged me. i pray that ellie will always know how incredibly special she is to me -- like precious, undeserved treasure, given to me by the most generous Giver. and i pray that, somehow, in her little baby mind, when she sees grayson she will understand that he is a gift as well.

back to not sleeping.

is it too early to start getting ready for the shower?!


Missy said...

Did you ever find a good place for your cradle?

crys said...

i've got nothing planned this week. i can definitely help with getting ready for the garage sale. just tell me when.

all i will need is a place for casen to sleep while i'm there. =)

Sara_Smiles said...

It's amazing how GOD helps us ready for those sleepless nights.

Ellie knows. She has to know that she is your blessing. They seem to know how to love the new baby more than we are prepared to understand. It's amazing.

Oh, and quit watching baby story. It'll just make you cry - and YEARN for that little boy even more. (ps...I should have taken my own advice on that one. hehehe.)

Meems said...

Is it way to late to get in on this garage sale? I have a few things that need selling and I just found out I won't be out of town. Let me know if your out of colors. Also, as Crys stated in her blog. Let us know what to do and what time. You are not doing this by yourself.

Mari said...

I love you can't slow a 9-months-pregnant woman down...