Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

this week and beyond.

we're in waxahachie for district council this week. i am enjoying it. i don't think i'd like to live in a hotel forever, but coming back to your room with clean towels, a made bed and an empty trash can each day is super nice.

we have service and luncheons and seminars until thursday afternoon. then we'll be going to plano to spend a couple days at my mom's before heading back to san angelo.

the target in waxahachie has all the stuff for gray's baby bedding in stock. i'm super pumped to go look at it later today. i've seen the bedding set in real life, but i want to buy a small piece (flannel blankets or wall decals or something) to help with the picking of paint. i'm thinking i want to do a green that's in the same family as the green in the bedding just lighter. you know, if the bottom color on the three-color paint chip card matches the bedding, i wanna paint the walls the top color. make sense?

which brings me to next week. next week kylah will be in town. i think that will be just the motivation i need (because kylah will keep me company) to clean out the guest (read: junk everywhere) room, paint it and move ellie over there. then we can paint gray's room with said green paint and be on the way to having everyone situated in their proper rooms. as a bonus, if we're super efficient, we may get my bathroom repainted. i'm not sure if i ever mentioned it on this blog, but it's this terrible mint green color, and i have a chocolate brown roman shade on the window. it looks like a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and i am not impressed. the tile is a fairly dark ivory so i think the only thing i can do without creating that painful, shocking contrast is paint it a lighter ivory. so... yeah. that's on the to-do list as well.

i've also been attempting to implement a more maintenance oriented house cleaning routine. monday is master bedroom and bathroom. tuesday is kids' rooms. wednesday is hallways and guest bathroom (easiest day because we have church). thursday is kitchen. friday is living room. it also requires a daily picking up of the junk that so quickly accumulates on all surfaces at my house. i think i followed it two out of five days last week. i'm hoping to be more faithful this week. i just know that i'll be a much happier stay-at-home mommy of two if i can get a decent routine down. also, poor landon. for as long as i've been a wife, my house keeping skills have pretty much sucked. the ol' this-is-so-dirty-i'm-going-to-puke or the-sink-is-starting-to-smell-from-all-these-dirty-dishes or someone-is-coming-over!-quick!-clean-it-all methods have been my way of approaching the matter. i think everyone would benefit if i could just get some discipline in the whole situation.

so...incredibly boring post, but, there's the update.

i'm going to be painting and cleaning away next week, however, we will will be available for any and all play dates. especially ones involving the swimming pool. so bring 'em on.

fyi: the "we" in this post does not indicate that i expect kylah to do all of this crazy cleaning and painting with me. just that her company will help me get things done. don't worry, jo...


Wendy said... This site might help you with your cleaning endeavors. I've never followed thier philosophies to a T, but I like the concept. I, too, was painting 2 weeks before my due date. No help from dh, either.

kj said...

oh please, like i'd ever let anyone in my presence organize anything without me. much less my sister and my neice's bedroom! that would just be torture. :)

beautiful chaos said...

I wanna come help paint. Call me so I can set up kiddie care!

Meems said...

If it is a group event I'm in.