Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, June 26, 2008

a middle name for gray.

we decided that gray's middle name will be reed. i have this long list of names that i came up with and liked when ellie was cooking, and one of them was reed. i hadn't thought of it at all since i've been pregnant with grayson, but landon brought it up the other night. i think he heard it somewhere and remembered that we'd liked it.

we were lying in bed when he suggested it. i liked it right away. sounds good, huh?

grayson reed henry.

the initials don't spell anything weird: grh. gHr. very important.

so we're mulling it over and landon says, "also i like the verse where it says 'a bruised reed He will not break...'" i, of course, had to hop out of bed to figure out where that was in the bible and what it was referring to. it's isaiah 42:3. the whole verse says, "a bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out. in faithfulness He will bring justice." isaiah is prophesying about Jesus, if you hadn't caught that. i came back to bed to tell landon the address and the whole verse. i asked him what he thought it meant. landon said, "i think it's saying that Jesus will not overlook the seemingly small and insignificant." the next morning, i looked up the verse in the message translation. it says, "He won't brush aside the bruised and the hurt, and He won't disregard the small and insignificant, but He'll steadily and firmly set things right." wow. right on, honey.

a nice thing to know that Jesus will never overlook our "reed," no matter how small he may seem or how this world may bruise him.

another thing i looked up the night we thought of it was the meaning of reed. it means, uh, "reed," oddly enough, but it also means "red" or, this is the good one, "cleared land." when i told landon that he said, "cleared land is a ready foundation to build something great."

how about THAT for a prophesy for my boy!!!

i love it.

grayson reed henry. he's gonna be so beautiful.


crys said...

love it!! so fitting.

and yes, he IS going to be beautiful!

Missy said...

He has a perfect name!

ree said...

So distinguished!

Growing up we had some friends that are brothers, and their names are Greg, Grayson, and Grady. I've always loved those names.

kdp said...

i love that name. it just flows off your tongue. love the story of the reed. what great things are in store for your new born and your family.

great things, great things.

A's Rich Life said...


we never found out the gender with either one of our kids. (they're both boys) I LOVED the anticipation, the joy, the surprise, of waiting 9-ish months! We just went with green stuff for the 1st one and yellow for the second. It worked.

marme said...

It's also very befitting for a land owner...
the King's land it that.

Mari said...

You know, I never even realized he was middle name-less...
I love Ellie's new room, too. Isn't "nesting" great? I'm pretty sure God knew what He was doing when he built that into us, otherwise we'd just lay around with the Fruit Loops box balanced on our giant bellies.

Natalie said...

LOVE it. So great. great name, great meaning. gonna be a great kid.