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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

on the mend? and bird feeder placement.

so i got some medicine yesterday. without even having to go into the doctor, i might add, which is a lovely arrangement.

unfortunately, the antibiotics, though i'm certain they are doing their work on my infection, are not the type of thing that make me feel any better immediately.

it's really a wonder that i made it through yesterday on the amount of sleep i did. poor baby casen has an ear infection, and his daddy came to pick him up at noon. otherwise, i really don't know if i would've made it. sleeping only three hours, being sick and running around town with your energetic 14-month-old does not bode well in combination with exhaustion.

i was with maggie and delana for most of the afternoon to help find things for the mother-daughter tea at the church on saturday. we went to the dollar store, which i SO love, and to west end collectibles.

i'd never been there before. i want to go back today.

i'm pretty weird when it comes to antiques/old-fashioned stuff. some of it i LOVE. most of it i don't. i don't really even know how to describe what is required of something i love. it's usually things that could be described as retro that i like. things from the 50s, 60s and 70s are usually my gig. not to say that things from the 70s are antiques... the old glass baby bottles jenny found for $1 at a garage sale? LOVE those. love some old kid puzzles that i saw yesterday. love lots of old dishes and china i saw. love several pieces of furniture i saw. love a $15, orange and blue label for pears with a duck on it that i want to buy and frame really badly. love the *erased* that i bought my dad for father's day. (ha, ha.) love the white tea pot i bought (for $15!) to match my i'm-obsessed-with-all-white-dishes pottery barn things.

it was way cool. i really didn't mean to write that much about west end collectibles, but if anyone ever wants to go, please call me.

anyway, after walking around there for quite sometime in the oppressive heat (their a/c was out), i was done for. (side note on that heat: did i move to houston without my knowledge yesterday? that humidity was KIL-LING me! luckily, it's let up some today.)

then we went to kirkland's and ross! :) guess not totally done for. i bought a set of three apothecary jars from ross for $11! i'm gonna put them in my hall bathroom, which, without any sort of plan, seems to be coming together and looking actually decorated lately. don't they have those jars for $20 or so EACH at target? and we won't even get into how much they cost at pottery barn.

i'm proud.

finally, we quit shopping. delana came over and made us chicken quesadillas and chicken soup for tomorrow (which is actually today). then she cleaned my kitchen! it was so worth the speech about how, if i'd just empty my dishwasher every morning, my life would be so much easier. :) thanks, mama!

then i took two teaspoons of my codeine cough syrup and hit the sack, fully expecting a restful night's sleep.

not so much.

i couldn't breath out of either nostril and breathing through my mouth hurt my chest. i woke up literally panicked because of feeling like i couldn't breathe. it felt like a drunk night's sleep. and if you know what that's like, it's anything but restful.

i do feel a little better today though. i think the antibiotic is starting to take effect. my nose seems to be drying up. lovely, i know. but the snot drips on the keyboard were getting old, so this is really a good thing.

and.... yeah. i think that's it.

oh. i have a little $2 bird feeder i added to my patio decor the other day. the pound of seed is pretty much gone already - two days later. in addition to the attention of birds, i have gained an impressive smattering of mysterious droppings on my new patio pillows ($8 at big lots!). i am thinking of moving the feeder to a tree out in the yard. but the red bird eating there was so pretty to watch up close this morning.

oh, the decisions i face.

thank you for enduring tuesday's random ramble. come back and see us.


Missy said...

I'm glad your feeling better.

Where is that store with all that stuff at?

ree said...

A couple of things...

*I'm sad you went to Kirkland's and I wasn't there...
*I miss getting things together for the tea!
*I hope tonight is more restful for you!!!

Landon said...

you so got "come back and see us" from me...