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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

decorator dilemma: the second in a series during which the author complains about things she can't do for lack of money.

anyone know how to get from here...

to here...

oh, and do it with about $100?

third installment coming soon. the author wishes to decorate a large expanse of back patio to feel "cozy" and "homey," but realizes it would requires quite a bit got to accomplish her vision.


team D said...

I have a circle foot stool that you can have it. But it is brown not cream but maybe you can make a slip cover or something. And the head board would not be hard to make if you found some material and put it on some wood. Oh those are just a few useless ideas hope you find something to do!!!

Nanna's Place said...

I agree with Team d. Not useless ideas at all. You could cover the headboard and watch the sales for the comforter. Watch the sales for fabric as well. You can do this. They do it on trading spaces all the time. Landon might could build the headboard OR you could check the thrify nickle for one already built.

Adam said...

Okay for the head board you need desired fabric some batting and a piece of plywood cut to size. Put batting on wood wrap farbric around and staple on the back. The position and hang where the head board would go
(total maybe $30.00) The walls can be painted to look like the walls in the picture used a textured brush technique, and you should be able to find a similar rug for around $30. d-team has you hooked up with the circle stool, and all you need to do is look a some garage sales find a dresser and paint it. All for $99.89. You have no idea how gay I feel for knowing all of this. Stupid Trading Spaces!!!!

Sandy said...

The head board wouldn't be too hard. Get a board, put foam or something on it to make the padding, wrap the fabric of your choice around it and use a staple gun to fasten the fabric on the back. Then mount the "head board" on the wall and put your bed in front of it. I don't think that would be overly expensive either!

ACutAbove said...

You continue to profess in believing in Gods work, having faith, following His word, yet question Him at every turn."Why don't I have money?" "I want to have Pottery Barn." "I want new carpet." Waa waa waa. Get a grip and decide if you are going to follow the Lord with your heart and soul or continue to profess a faith without living your purpose. Quit being a phony. You give real Christians a bad name.

ree said...

You don't have to approve this comment, I just wanted to tell you that acutabove is a real coward. How easy it must be for this person to judge someone else's raw feelings without putting their own out on the line. A cut above? Are you kidding me? How arrogant, rude, and insensitive.

Oh, that makes me mad.

no_iffer said...

I agree with ree. I can't believe their words. A true christian doesn't pretend to have it all together. They admit their wordly flaws instead of hiding behind fakeness. That is being phony. You are by far one of the most honest, raw, true to the core women I know. I love that you post things about wanting to go to pottery barn and have a beautiful home with nice carpet. Wanting those things doesn't mean you doubt God. GOd will always provide your needs and you know that. It's our wants that he sometimes holds back on because it might be better for us in the end and you know that too. This comment truly makes me livid. How lucky for this anonymous jerk to post such critical remarks while hiding behind an arrogant name that clearly doesn't suit him.

P said...

Hi Sarah!
You don't know me but I found your blog a few days ago. It's so uplifting and encouraging. Your honesty is so refreshing.
The reason I'm writing today is because of the rude comments by "acutabove". It made me so upset just reading ree said, you don't have to approve their comments. How completely insensitive and untrue!! If anything, they are the ones that give Christians a bad name by being a phony themselves.
Acutabove, if you're reading this, please don't say anything if you don't have anything nice to's very rude and unbecoming.
Sarah, as no_iffer said, God will meet all your needs. I for one, can see how much you love and trust God, just by reading your keep on blogging and please keep being honest like you're doing now. God bless you!!

Meems said...

I agree with no-iffer. You really seem like you are as raw and real as they come. Don't let a "high horse" get you down.

Your priorities are right where they need to be. This person doesn't even know the sacrifice it takes to be in the place your at. They know nothing of you.

beautiful chaos said...

Believe it or not, I'm speechless.
Or Am I?
As for 'some people' if you have not met this individual personally and seen the way seph pours her heart into everything she does in a genuine, Christian way - You really ought to meet her.
She is wonderful.
It might not be possible to address all the various implications in your comments, but I would be wrong not to mention all the ways seph has brought her faith into action in the few short months I have known her.
She has stepped into shoes that few women could fit into, let alone wear with great style and poise. While in those terrifically 'hard to fill' shoes, she has taken on the role of servant in her church home - where it would not be unusual to find her scrubbing toilets or other unsavory chores.
Her heart is nothing, if not Christian to the core.
The fact that you did not know about her heart for servanthood speaks volumes of the humility that runs through her veins. As she does not need to toot her own horn and tell of the countless ways she pours herself into God's people everyday.
Along with all of these observations, the very fact that she has chosen to approve of your comment, even though it is accusatory and ignorant at its very core, tells me that she is indeed a bigger woman than myself.

Seph - I admire you for all the things that you ARE, and for all the things that you are not afraid to reveal about your heart. To pretend that being a working wife and mother in the ministry is not hard would not only be a lie, it would detract from the great amount of faith and trust that you must daily place in a holy God to fulfill the requirements that have been placed on you.

As for the 'other' - I am sorry that these posts trouble you so. I wish that there were some way you could see beyond what you view to be 'flaws' and into her heart. If you could but catch a glimpse of what is there, you would see a heart filled with love and acceptance that only a true Savior can inhabit.
Something to think about...

JAC said...

Keep your heart open to God's calling and listen to His direction. I believe that you want that above all else. We ALL have had hard times and I'm sure ACUTABOVE is NOT perfect; never complaining or "desiring" what they do not have. If this person were perfect, they would not be alive. I do believe praising the Lord for what we do have is a real KEY to TRUE victory. But life is NOT always a beautiful red rose or yellow.....There are thorns and it's all in how we handle those thorns. This BLOGGING is a ministry, and I do not care for the "spirit" OF ACUTABOVE. It never helps to cut someone down but we want to lift up and encourage our friends and those we love.

1 John 4, vs 8 - He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

kj said...

Dear Acutabove,

I am, actually, extremely shocked to read your comment to seph. I do believe that it is extremely ignorant and un-Christian like. For someone who began their personal walk with Christ, little more than 6 years ago, seph’s faith is more than I’ve seen in many people who have been following God for decades. After a few short years, she started in ministry being a Godly example for young and old women alike. She is more true and honest than anyone I’ve ever met and she has a wonderful way of making people feel comfortable around her. I believe, acutabove, that your reaction to this precious woman was outlandish and uncalled for. I think that if anyone is giving “real Christians” a bad name, it is one who acts as you just did. While I am sure that from those reading this blog, no grudge is held against you and all has been forgiven; however, I would ask that in the future, before you try and put someone in the place you think they should be, you would ask yourself if you think God would be proud of you. My guess is that He would not. I believe His greatest commandment was and is, LOVE.

Rebecca Lynn said...


You might see whether any of these bassinets strike your fancy: