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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, January 21, 2008

monday morning musings, part I.

there are two things dominating the swirl of thoughts in my head this morning. in this post, we will address the first one: ellie's birthday party.

late saturday night, i had a breakthrough on her invitations. i'd been trying and trying to get them to look the way i wanted, but i didn't really know what i wanted so that wasn't going well. i have tons of paper left over from her birth announcements and since i'm using a valentine's theme, i was trying very hard to come up with a design i could pull off without buying anything. i have tons of stuff, but i couldn't make it work for some reason. but... late saturday night, mission (almost) accomplished! the only thing i had to buy was pink glitter glue. i went to target yesterday (hobby lobby is closed on sundays..) on the off chance they would have something. THEY HAVE PINK GLITTER GLUE IN THE DOLLAR SPOT!!! i was so excited. obviously. so... i'm making ellie's invitations for $4 plus the cost of postage. sweetness.

i have gotten quite a few things from target, as a matter of fact. they have lots of cute valentine stuff in the dollar spot including little metal buckets i'm going to fill with valentine candy, glittery banners that say "love" or "xoxo," sparkly stickers and pencils for prizes, scrapbook paper (12 sheets for $1!) that i'm going to punch hearts out of for decoration, etc. etc. the store also has really cute valentine's stuff that isn't in the dollar spot. particularly, these melamine plates and trays and cups that have adorable cupcakes on them that say "sweetie pie." they are $1.99 each or i'd buy them for the whole party. instead, i got one for the birthday girl. i also got a red picture frame that has the cupcake on it. i'm going to use it to display a super cute picture of ellie at the party.

i'm still debating whether to have cupcakes made or just make them myself, though i am leaning toward making them myself. more budget conscious, you know. regardless, i want them to be vanilla cake with pink icing topped with x's and o's.

so all i have left to buy are snacks and drinks (maybe a valentine punch?) for the guests, paper plates and napkins for everyone besides ellie and the ingredients for the cupcakes if i'm going to make them. (would i be a terrible person to make her first birthday cupcakes from a box?)

i think i'm doing OK... i also have several ideas for games/activities that i don't wanna post 'cause i want them to be a surprise!

let me know if you can think of anything i'm forgetting..

planning a birthday party is fun.


ree said...

SO cute!
My humble opinion is to make the cupcakes ONLY if you already have all the ingredients. Otherwise, you'll spend more money (not to mention time) than you would on a box cake mix.

I hope that didn't sound thoughtless...I would want everything to be just "so" on my kid's first b-day, too, even though it didn't really sound like it. :}

crys said...

i'm pretty sure you have it all covered.

every time i pass that stuff at the dollar spot at target, i think of ellie.

it's so adorable!