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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, January 21, 2008

monday morning musings, part II.

landon wants surprise baby no. 2 to be a surprise.

yes, you read that right. he doesn't want to find out whether it's a boy or girl. his sister and his mother are convinced he can't be serious. i think he is. even if i do think it's a ploy to drive everyone else nuts and keep us all from buying every baby thing in san angelo, san antonio, dallas and everywhere in between.

i realize that i'm being prematurely analytical about the situation. that's just how i roll.

but let's say landon sticks to his guns, and we don't find out until baby 2 makes his/her appearance. we'll still have to get some things. and regardless of that decision, we have been in discussions about the sleeping arrangements.

see, we were really excited about having a third bedroom for guests/office/crafts. also, the guest room is massive compared to ellie's room - too big for a tiny baby nursery, i think. we can't decide if we should move ellie in there and have the smaller room, which is also the middle room of the three rooms (closer to ours than that big room), for the baby. or if we should move ellie to the other room and then she and the new baby could share and keep the middle room for a guests/office/crafts -- this would only work if the new baby was a girl. or, which is sorta what i'm leaning toward, should we get something the baby could sleep in in our room for awhile while we feel things out. this is especially attractive for two reasons: 1.) if we don't know whether it's a boy or a girl, we can't decorate a nursery properly and 2.) the baby is due in august. our lease ends in november. we have contemplated buying a house after this lease up. i don't want to decorate a nursery and then move three months later.

so... there you have my contemplation about baby sleeping arrangments.

here are some bassinets/cradles/moses baskets i like for the sleeping-in-our-room option. the last one is absolutely, by-a-long-shot, my most favorite. it is also the most expensive. of course. but maybe, if it's a surprise, we won't be buying as much all along so we could afford to save for that bassinet.



Meems said...

In my view it's easier to have a newborn in the same room with you. We didn't find out with J and it was alot of fun. Another thought on the subject is that they could share a room in the short-term. Boy-Girl stuff doesn't matter that much until later on(unless your thinking about decorations, in which case I have seen some really cute half and half rooms).

If you wait and have the shower after the baby is born, you can get gender specific clothing. I love the last bassinet, so cute.

ree said...

me too!

crys said...

i love the bassinet!

i'm kinda looking for one right now for our room.

i know it's only going to be for a little while, so we too, are not splurging on anything.

things just get complicated when you have two children!

Adam said...

Amy and I shared a room until I was 4 and I didn't mind. I agree though it is easiest for the first 6-12 months to just have the baby in the room with yall, less steps in the middle of the night, less chance of tripping, falling against the wall, waking Ellie from the loud bang and then having two kids awake. I speak from experience!

Missy said...

I like the last bassinet it so adorable!

La said...

We've just always done the co-sleeping thing until our baby is about 4 or 5 months. Then they can sleep in their room at least a good part of the night. We tried their own bed in our room but it didn't work because we could hear them and they could hear us. Nobody slept well.

If you're going to be nursing anyway, co-sleeping is so great. You get sooooo much more sleep and that's always a good thing! Plenty of people are against it, but lots of people are for it too. We've done it successfully with 3 babies so far. Our kids are none the worse for it now either - in fact, they're great sleepers. =)

Amy said...

I for one, don't have children yet, so I'm not sure on the co-sleeping arrangements, but my brother and I did stay in the same room until we were 4 and 2 and there were no problems.

As far as the bassinet...I love all of them! So simple, but pretty. My fav though, is the second one. I love the fact that you could set it on the floor at night or lay it on the bed with you during the day for nap time. And it's something you could take to grand-parents houses. Cute!