Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

will you pray?

in early october i found a job posted on the angelo state university website. it was for a news and information specialist and is basically a lot of feature writing, my favorite. i fit the qualifications -- at least two years of experience in a one of a variety of fields, one of which was journalism. the pay is equal to or even more than what i was making in dallas.

so... i was hopeful.

i applied immediately and heard nothing.

i kept checking the website, and the opening was always still posted.

today, i decided to go to the office to let them know i had moved to san angelo. i walked in to the building (just dropping by in a straight black skirt, gray sweater and heels, you know..) and figured out where the communications and marketing department was located. department is strong here, let me tell you. more like small square office with three or four desks. anyhow, a man was behind me as i approached the door to the department and asked if he could help me. i told him my name and that i had applied for the position. i have a new address, i said. he gave me a piece of paper, and while i was writing it down, the director walked out.

"did i hear you say you're sarah henry?"

"yes, sir."

"i'm preson lewis, the director."

"oh! it is so nice to meet you. i wanted to stop by to give you guys my new address and check on the status of the position."

he explained that the department is in the process of moving, and that they may not be hiring for this position until the first of the year. or maybe it was that the person might not start until the beginning of the year. one of the other. but he did tell me that he wanted me to submit a portfolio of writing to add to my application file. i'm almost feeling like not starting until the beginning of the year would be blessing since i could have the holidays to relax and gather myself in a new town. ellie's first christmas, you know.

i've been getting my portfolio together today and will drop it off tomorrow.

i was encouraged that mr. lewis recognized my name, and that he asked for more information.

i really need a job. i really need a job doing what i know how to do. all i know how to do is write.

will you pray?

thank you.


ree said...

Of course!

CG said...

"Father God I pray that if this is the job that you have for S that you make clear as water for her, that you make it known that your hand is in this, If this is not your will for her Heavenly Father close every door and window for this job. We thank you that you know what is best for us Lord. In Jesus name."

Natalie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Let me know if you need an extra reference...


Jennifer said...

I think this job sounds so, so perfect for you. My fingers are crossed for you. Also - Ellie is gorgeous as always. You must be so, so proud. And congrats on the move. It must be so exciting - scary - but exciting. Hugs and luck girl


beth said...

wow, that is so exciting! i will definitely be praying that God will make it clear what job is for you and will open the right doors.

beautiful chaos said...

Yes, yes, yes!
That really sounds perfect!
I hope it works out - just think about the 'commute'

kj said...

i'm praying like nobody's business, sister.