Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


i don't quite know what to say. i feel like i'm on a vacation. only kylah is missing. she's usually here when i'm in san angelo. also, i have a house on this vacation. that's kinda weird.

i miss my mama. i miss my sister and my brothers and kelly and my dad. i miss penny and kayci and amy and kelly. i miss matthew and mandy.

i even miss grace.

i'm also excited. i like my new house. we're very slowly unloading things, and it's looking really nice. there are some things i wish i could change. but as my stuff is being added, i'm liking it more and more.

now i just need someone to come over.

any takers?

**oh -- ang, i got your message. i missed it, and then i didn't want to call your house number in case the kids were sleeping. maybe it would've been OK still. i'll call you tomorrow.**

she was calling to ask about the job status. i got my portfolio together yesterday, but i didn't take it today. we started unpacking, and i didn't want to stop.

i'm taking it in the morning though. david and delana approve. i hope mr. lewis does too. please, jesus.

landon is driving to dallas to take care of some things tomorrow and pick up his last paycheck at grace. i plan to be out of the house a lot. i get lonely. please call if there are any get-togethers. i'm still using internet at delana's, and blog access is sparse.

the house is kind of bare too. going from 860 square feet to 1600 or something makes for a lot of space. i like it, but i feel like i need to fill it. pero no dinero. es un problema.

i'm excited for crystal's shower. i need to find the rest of my fondue pot though. that's a scary thought. does anyone know how many/what size dishes i need to bring? i have a lot.

can you see how ridiculous i am right now? i don't feel like i'm doing anything, but i've been exhausted. i don't feel like i'm getting anything done but the days seem to be going quickly. they also seem to be going terribly slow. i feel like i'm sort of in the twighlight zone.

i think it's 'cause i don't have cable. i feel disconnected. could be because i just moved across the state. and we live in a really big state. and my whole family is back where i came from. i've never lived this far away from them. well, once when my daddy lived in birmingham, but that wasn't for very long.

no no! i know! it's because i don't have the ticket or espn radio. no 24/7 cowboys talk. weird weird weird.

i'm lonely and sad sometimes, but i'm not hopeless. i've said it before -- strange combination of emotions.

i don't really see a natural ending coming for this post. things are pent up and not flowing properly because of my lack of journaling.

bear with me people. hopefully things will improve.


Meems said...

I remember moving here, it's wierd for awhile and then slowly it gets easier. You guys will adjust quickly because your already so plugged in. I'm sorry you miss your family:(

La said...

I'm still feeling you. "Home" is still SA and even though we close on our house on Monday, it's still "my" house and will continue to be so for quite awhile, I imagine. I don't have a new house to set up to distract me - I'm glad you do, because it really helps. I remember moving from Dallas to SA away from my family and all things familiar. I did not like it at first. But it grew on me and got better. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Ellie's birthday will keep you plenty busy until you feel much more at home.

And as far as family feeling so far away - as soon as my parents moved to Denver I realized that the drive to Dallas was a piece of cake and that I should have done it way more often. So do it lots!

Chris said...

If we were in town this weekend I'd come over and help you, or you could come over and hang. Either way we should do that soon, without the boys. And hopefully I will have more energy than you've seen lately. Hey I am still getting used to living in San Angelo. It does grow on you more and more. Well, I hope we can be of some help to you guys, oh and I wanna keep Ellie sometime so you guys can get some free time and also so we can get some parenting practice. anyways, I've written enough. Lata...

beautiful chaos said...

We only moved across town this summer but man, the move was really exhausting. I never felt like I was accomplishing much until one day - pretty much everything was moved.
You'll get there.
It will just take a little while to settle in.
Now as for missing everyone back home, I am sorry.
I hope you get to have lots of quality time with your loved ones over the holidays!