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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Saturday, October 13, 2007

eight months.

eight months. i'm letting that just roll around my brain for a minute. eight months.

my daughter, ellie, is eight months. today.

i think someone forgot to tell me how quickly time goes once you have a child. will it keep going like this? is it going to slow down after she turns one? or am i going to make her a special cake she can smear everywhere, look up and be buying her a backpack and new clothes for kindergarten?

honestly. someone needs to get this under control.

this month ellie learned to crawl. she also learned to pull up and already takes little steps, trying to move from one end of a piece of furniture to another. she will also take little steps while someone holds her fingers. she's started eating more table food. she likes mashed potatoes and lemons. she loves tortillas, mexican rice, cherrios and anything even remotely sweet. she does not like, however, mashed up black beans. she hold her bottle and makes hilarious noises when she sees you making it. she gets so excited. she still likes to sleep in her swing, but i'm not sure how much longer it will be before it can't swing for the weight of her. i have no clue how much she weighs, but i'd have to guess around 20 pounds. her feet got bigger this month. up until now, she was still wearing newborn or size 1 shoes. she's pushing it on the 2's now. her 6-12 month clothes fit her though some of the sleeves are a little too long. she has lots and lots of blond hair that still sticks up on the crown of her head and lays down in the front. she's still in love with doc and daddy. she really likes to be outside, and it almost always calms her if she's upset. we had to move her crib down for fear she'll dive over the side when she pulls up. she still loves her bath. i'm holding on to the infant tub (she practically hangs out the sides) because she thinks she wants to crawl around when i put her in the regular bathtub. i love going into her room in the morning when she's talking and waking up. i open the door real slow and say, "good morning, ellie!!!" all drawn out and sing-song-like. she turns her head to the side like a little flirt and gives me the best smiles ever. i think she knows i'm her mama. she's starting to lift her arms when she knows i'm going to pick her up. i love to hold her. she's so long and heavy now.

i already started looking for christmas presents for her first christmas. thinking of decorating the house for christmas and wrapping all her little gifts puts a lump in my throat. i cannot wait. i've been talking to landon about christmas traditions we want to have. i think we are going to start giving ellie a swarovsky crystal figurine from the lovelots series every christmas. we're going to get this one this year -- it's the special edition for 2007. they are beautiful and special, but adorable for a little girl. there are 16. i'm hoping they never discontinue them so i can give them to her until her 16th christmas. can you imagine?! i can't, but i'm sure it will come all too quickly.

anyway, i'm just rambling now. here are some photos of her this month. the top two are from yesterday before she left for san angelo, and i cried for half a day.

one more thing, and this is VERY important. one of you people in san angelo with my baby: you MUST take a photo of her today. i have never missed a month of taking her birthday picture, and i'm not going to start now. make it good.

there is nothing more beautiful.

see what i'm saying? you know you'd cry too if this one left you.

coffee-table-climbing injury.

i love her toes here.

she still doesn't quite get the need to tip the bottle..

baby milk face.

this was before she was pulling up in her crib. she was crawling around though, and she managed to crawl right out of her pjs. they're around her waist. this is first thing in the morning. sweetie pea.

laying down makes drinking milk easier.

this kid NEVER falls asleep in people's arms. especially not in a room full of people. we were at michelle's baby shower in san angelo, and she just sacked out in jenny's arms. so sweet. i think it's 'cause she likes grant.

on the way to san angelo -- before the two hours of straight screaming started.

i don't think she liked it once it got dark.

uncle matt will proabably never drive us anywhere again...

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