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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


man, if i'm this bad at keeping up with the blog and the baby isn't even here yet, i don't know how behind things are gonna get after she's born.

i digress.

i've been sleeping on the couch for the last four or five days because our mattress is so soft that i wake up (several times a night) feeling like someone has been beating me. it's really terrible. just because i have all these weird pressure points, i suppose. anyway, we have this really hard, modern, square sofa that is basically just what i need at this point. i still wake up several times a night, but i'm not in nearly as much pain.

well, up until now. in the past two days i've developed an inability to walk. it's as if the baby is pressing down in my pelvis on some nerve that is making it impossible to walk without being in real pain. it's not as bad once i get going, but getting up and sitting down (like i do around my apartment and at work) is really bad.

the original point of this blog really was not to complain. i promise.

this is all background to say that i've been sad to sleep alone in the living room when doc and landon are in the bedroom. (still complaining. we're getting there. i promise.)

well, last night landon suggested he blow up the air mattress and sleep on the living room floor in here with me. what a sweetheart! then he tried to blow it up tonight, and it was not working. but he did not give up. he dragged the mattress from the bed in here, and is currently dozing off to the goofiness of conan o'brien. doc is in here with us.

it's a slumber party with my boys.

my sweet, sweet boys.

landon also im'd me (from across the kitchen table) this evening and, after saying he loved me so much, asked how he could be a better husband to me.

umm... considering the cooking, cleaning, errand running, taking care of the dog and offering things like sleeping on the living room floor so i don't have to be alone -- i can't think of a dang thing!

i feel like i say this every time i write about landon, but really, how did i get so freakin' lucky?

i'll never know.

he's also convinced me that the baby is going to come early. what a wonderful thought, even if it's not true.

i married an angel.

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Angie said...

Hey, sorry to butt in here;) but your symptoms sound a lot like Pelvic Symphysis Separation. I had it with my 3rd pregnancy and it SUCKS! Let me tell you, though, cold/warm/cold compresses help and the chiropractor helps, too.

Check out this website...
(and nevermind the fact that it's on;)

and really try the Tips for Coping. They seemed to help for me. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I know it's hard, especially in pain, but try to cherish every moment:)