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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Sunday, November 19, 2006

moving: we're still in the process.

so you read that we moved some things in thursday night. then friday we moved a little bit more. then saturday we moved a little bit more.

last night was the first night we slept at our new apartment, and i slept like a baby. doc was also introduced to his new house for the first time yesterday. he loves it. he hasn't pooped inside once. miracle of miracles. he curled up in a ball and slept his sweet puppy sleep on the bed while i was getting ready for church this morning like he was perfectly comfortable. when i first brought him in the house he hid under the kitchen table and the coffee table unless i called him out. but he appears to be over it now. he slept just fine last night.

so all the stuff has been moved from mom's house/garage. a lot of it is strewn all over the place. ellie's clothes are hanging in her closet. i'm hoping to get most things put away and organized tonight so we can leave the house in some order when we leave for san angelo on wednesday, and have room to move in all the things (i'm dreading it..) that are stuffed into that storage box we're having delivered on saturday.

matt and aaron helped move so they've seen it. mom and scott have both been to the house. jeanette was there for about two seconds last night until aaron called from milwaukee, and she had to (understandably) run out and talk to him. the most extended visit was from natalie, damion, molly and chris yesterday. they came to check the place out, give thoughts on what we should paint the baby's room and watch some of the michigan/ohio state games before heading out for christmas shopping. they voted a real pale purple with a pink stripe through the middle running all the way around the room. landon really doesn't want to tape a stripe. we'll probably do one wall a little darker purple and the other three lighter. after that's finished we'll decide whether we want to add white butterflies to the darker accent wall. taking things one at a time, you know.

nat and molly brought me a birthday present - the willow tree figurine you see here. her name is cherish. she is expecting a miracle. it was a really sweet gift. i can't wait until we have a dresser for ellie so i can put it in her room. whenever i see it, i'll remember to remind her of how her mama counted down the days waiting for her arrival. she was cherished from the moment i knew she was existed. i'm gonna make sure she never doubts that. great present, girls. thank you so much.

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Natalie said...

aww! so glad you liked it. it was all Molly's brilliant idea. I love your apartment and I cant wait to see E.Claire's room all ready for her arrival. Have a great Thanksgiving and we'll get together again soon. Love you!