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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, October 23, 2006

monumental moment.

this weekend there was a monumental moment in the baby realm. and as i asked natalie, is there really any realm but the baby realm at this point? of course not.

i was away in fredericksburg, texas with the ladies of san angelo first assembly on what was aptly named "whatever" weekend. it was their women's retreat, and i promise some photos and an update just as soon as i am able.

i was working friday night on my session for saturday morning ("whatever is pure"), and finally retired to bed around 2 a.m. everyone else in my room (kylah, jenny, amy and sheena) was already sleeping, but after i'd taken out my contacts, turned out the lights and crawled into bed, i felt something. baby girl was kicking. now, that wasn't the biggest thing. she's been kicking me for a few weeks now. and everytime she kicks, i instinctively put my hand on my belly. but this time, i felt it from the outside.

she's big and strong enough now that i can feel her kicks from the outside.

she kicked a ton, and i was beaming to myself in the dark as i felt her little hands and feet waving around inside me.

saturday night she did it again, and kylah, amy and delana got to feel it - confirming that she really is kicking harder.

i texted landon when it first happened on friday night. he didn't answer. it was 2 a.m. but i talked to him about it the next day, and then texted him sunday to tell him the girls had felt it. he was jealous. poor daddy.

so last night i told him to be ready. when we lay down, i said, put your hand on my belly and be patient.

so...he did that. we laid there for a few minutes, and we didn't feel anything. then, after awhile, landon goes, "what was that!?!" and i started laughing uncontrollably. "it was your baby girl." i couldn't stop laughing because it's such an amazing moment to feel your baby and have your husband feel her at the same time for the first time. then he started getting frustrated 'cause i wouldn't stop laughing. he wanted to feel her again.

i finally calmed down, and she waited a few more minutes then kicked again. "amazing," landon said.

it was awesome.

landon has now officially felt his daughter move.

i can't wait to lay down again tonight.

we love you, perfect baby girl. and we're so glad you're growing bigger and stronger inside there. we can't wait to touch you skin-to-skin. i can't imagine the miracle.

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Molly said...

That is SO sweet. I love that story. I like the part where you are laughing and Landon is trying to be patient to feel her again...ha ha.