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Philippians 1:6

Thursday, August 24, 2006

might as well join in... go ponies!

nat and molly have posted the 2006 princeton review rankings of their schools (ole miss/a&m) so, of course, i was curious about what smu was ranked.

i was pleasantly surprised, though we weren't ranked in as many things as ole miss or a&m.

no. 8 - little race/class interaction ummm.. not too proud about this, but it's definitely the truth.

no. 9 - major frat & sorority scene without a doubt. and look, we beat ole miss here.. hmmm.. (sorry, nat) but i can't claim it. i wasn't in a sorority.

no. 20 - happiest students awww... isn't that sweet?

no. 6 - great college towns not sure i agree with this one. i love dallas, don't get me wrong. but smu is not real high on the radar of the city's residents as a whole. my idea of a collge town is austin or boulder where the biggest things in the town are the schools. smu certainly isn't the biggest thing in dallas. besides alums, i'm not sure who really cares, to be honest.

also, smu was one of the 123 colleges named a best western college by the princeton review.

"our goal is simple: to identify some of the colleges and universities that we feel stand out within each region." - princeton review

just wait for next year's rankings.. if there's a category for most revived, turned-around, unexpectedly fantastic football team -- we'll win it. mark my words.

sept. 2: smu vs. texas tech.

you better watch.

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