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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, July 10, 2006

home from hiatus.

i can't quite call it a vacation because the meaning of the word vacation is this: a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest or relaxation.

what i've just experienced over the last 11 days was not vacation by that definition. starting off with the fact that friday night, the first day of my vacation, we were moving out until 3 a.m. then saturday we were recovering. then sunday we were getting ready for camp. then monday through friday we were at camp, and the drama that ensued is too much to even begin to be explained through the headcold that i now possess.

and then friday evening i left for birmingham, which was a bit more like a vacation except for the fact that i developed this horrible headcold and was unable to sleep the entire time i was visiting.

besides that - vacation was great.

no really, summer camp was amazing. exhausing, but amazing, nonetheless. i developed what landon calls "the burden" while i was there. more on that later.

and birmingham was lovely. it's quite beautiful in alabama. i had no idea. and we shopped most of the time. and except for the fact that my nose was dripping off my face the majority of the time, what can be more fun that a weekend of shopping? it was good spending time with my dad and the t-rav. love both of them. more on that later as well.

i'm going home early today because i need a nap. yeah. a nap after my vacation.

but later, i will elaborate, with the aid of photographs, my most exciting vacation.

until then...

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Natalie said...

so glad you are back and updating. kept checking your blog to no avail. you know i used to live in b-ham (or "the big salty ham" as the funnymen on the radio like to say.) it is a gorgeous place. next time you go you should sneak into southern living's test kitchens. yummy. glad you're back, must do lunch/dinner/non-alcoholic drinks for the preggo soon.