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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, June 29, 2006

other doctor news.

so i've been totally swamped this week because i'm doing the work of two weeks. next week i'll be gone at vertical summer camp with our youth group in lone star, texas. betcha didn't know there was such a place as lone star, did ya? well there is, and i'm going. and right now, i'm paying for it. written six stories today. got two more to do tomorrow. torture. torture, i tell you.

and so i'm taking a break. to blog. to you. my lovely blog readers.

more on the heartbeat:

you read about the experience of hearing the baby's heartbeat. it's 138 bpm. according to old wives tale No. 453,567 - a slow (normal is 120 to 180) heartbeat means a boy. a fast heartbeat means a girl. so, my little guy is on the slow end. if we believe the wives tale, i'm having a boy. also according to the chinese birth calendar, i'm having a boy. my friend amy is definitely on the bandwagon with the tale. her first baby was a girl and at this point in the pregnancy her heartbeat was 170. she's pregnant right now too (about a week further along than me) and heard her second baby's heartbeat last friday and it, too, was 170 bpms. she thinks it's another little girl. we only have to wait until november (...) to find out.

dispelling the myth of the raspberry and other fruit comparisons

whatever i was reading that was telling me the baby was the size of a raspberry at six weeks was lying. at the appointment yesterday (i was exactly seven weeks), the sonogram lady told me the baby is 1 cm. i don't know about you, but my favorite kind of raspberries, the plump, juicy kind, are not just 1 cm. that's more like the size of a grain of rice. sheesh.

general health

the doctor said everything about me and the baby is perfect. well, healthwise, i mean. it's easy to just coast when nothing bad happens, but i'm reminding myself to be thankful because so many people deal with such scary complications during pregnancy. we pray it continues. the doc told me i should exercise, keeping my heart rate at 140 or below. and they gave me a duffle bag (literally) of prenatal vitamins to try. i took some today, and they aren't making me sick. ya!

the name game

so mom and i were packing (which is a tragedy, by the way) at the apartment the night before i went to the doctor, and we thought of a couple more cute names.

sadie sue
d'lanie (don't know her middle name)

and delana contributed these: elizabeth, but call her ellie (cute!) and sena and levi - both family names.

is it funny to anyone else that i'm thinking of so many girl names? girls are just so much easier than boys. more clothes. more names. more nursery choices. but, as landon would say, mo' problems.

i have sonogram pictures, but i haven't found anyone to scan them for me. you can't even tell it's a baby, but i know it is. i'll post them soon. promise.

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