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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, June 05, 2006

all i could do was laugh and laugh and laugh...

(good photo, eh? isn't it ironic...)

i also wrote a story, but at mini-camp this weekend, this was the most entertaining thing. it was one note from saturday's notes package on no, i do not know who lil' woo-woo is -- apparently, no one does. except newman. i was seriously rolling during the writing and editing of this little number. imagine mickey spagnola saying it over and over and googling it to no avail. also, rob kept asking anyone and everyone, "hey, do you know who lil' woo-woo is?" priceless.

Let Me See Your Grill

Cornerback Terence Newman showed up to mini-camp with more than excitement for a new football season. He's got a full set of shiny, silver braces on his teeth.

As the media surrounded his locker after the morning practice Saturday, Newman started out goofing off about his metal mouth, pretending it was a "grill" - the diamond encrusted gold and platinum caps that rappers Nelly and Paul Wall have made famous in their song, "Grillz."

"You guys see my braces? This is the 2006 grill right here," Newman said, baring his teeth for examination. "Like Paul Wall, homey. I need diamonds. I ain't finished yet. I'm about to be a rapper. That's my second job. Everybody got a grill. Nelly got a grill. Lil' Woo-Woo got a grill. KD (safety Keith Davis) got a grill."

Newman also showed off his new mouth guard that protects his lips from cuts while he's playing. The guard covers his whole mouth, but has holes so he can still breathe through his mouth when he gets tired, he said.

-Sarah P. Henry

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