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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, March 09, 2006

week 1 diet update.

ok.... so for those of you who don't know, i started weight watchers a week ago today.

sometime back in february, or maybe even january, i mentioned some randomly tossed out idea of losing a pound a week and quitting diet cokes (ha!) and how i was gonna get super skinny.

well... until last thursday, that was not happening at all. it was a randomly thought-up blog post and that's it.

under the advice of a "family friend" - i decided i'd try weight watchers. she's 50, has had 3 kids and wears a size 4. if she can do it, i can do it!

so everyone knows how weight watchers works - you get a certain number of points depending on your weight (i get 22) and then 35 extra points for the week.

i have gone over those points every day. and ending today...i think i'm 16 points over for the week INCLUDING the extra 35. not so hot. but i think i have learned some things.

i'm eating less than I normally do, even going over the points. and what i think i've accomplished this week is really being disciplined with writing things down and being aware of the things that go into my mouth. then when i look back on the day's food intake, i find myself thinking, "i totally could have gone without that and been fine."

i realized that my FAVORITE sandwich - an italian sandwich from pot belly's - costs me 20 points. TWENTY!!! like i said, my point allowance for the day is 22. so that sandwich is out. (sniff...)

i learned that hot dogs, though very easy to cook at the end of a hard day, are not a good choice. (at least not the regular ones. maybe i'll look for "light" hot dogs.)

i learned that eggs, milk, my Fiber One cereal, cheese, low-fat (individual serving bags of) popcorn and sugar free chocolate pudding are great choices that make it seem like i'm getting good treats, but don't cost me too much.

i learned that i like the way i feel when i drink lots of water.

i learned that whole foods has a really great half sandwhich made with turkey and provolone and some kind of yummy spicy tortilla that i love for lunch.

i learned that i'm happy to stuff myself with fruits and vegetables.

i learned that it's fun to find fabulous salad dressings to eat with zero-point-counting vegetables.

i learned that the low-fat, sugar-free wheat bread really is tolerable and two pieces is 1 point.

i learned that a piece of angel food cake is 2 points! i love angel food cake... such a pretty name for a yummy dessert.

overall i think it's been a successful week. even if i haven't lost any weight when i weigh in tomorrow morning (i'll give you the update then), i think it'll be OK. i know it'll come off soon enough.

28.8 pounds to go, baby!

and maybe, just maybe, some of that is gone already....

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