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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

part II of II


today i'm 23. getting older all the time. crazy stuff.

it's been a lovely day so far minus the fact that the high today is 90, which is nothing short of ridiculous. eighty-eight is the record high for this november day so if we hit that 90 mark, this will be the hottest nov. 8 on record. thrilling.

this morning the alarm clock kept going off and i couldn't figure out where landon had gone - he wasn't next to me. it was too early for him to be ready and have left for work already. but i was groggy so i just kept sleeping, not that motivated to find him. then i heard him come in and say 'happy birthday, baby!' armed with a bacon, egg and cheese toaster from sonic and an iced carmel macchiato from starbucks - i had me some breakfast in bed...

he's so precious.

i've had birthday phone calls from mom, dad and mike. birthday text messages from kayci, reba and scott. and birthday posts on my facebook site from tara and emily. oh! and a birthday im (just now) from rob. and of course tons of 'happy birthdays' from people at work because lainie wrote 'happy birthday, sarah!' on the sign in sheet at the front of the office. and it's only noon!

what wonderful family, friends and co-workers i have...

i think there's a plan for a birthday dinner tonight - i hope so...i bought a new shirt for the occassion yesterday at charlotte russe. it's strapless, silver and fab... i hope landon likes it.

in addition, we had a "november birthdays" lunch this past saturday at babe's chicken dinner house in carrollton. (mmm...fried chicken.) i got a beautiful 'our first christmas' ornament with 'landon and sarah' engraved on it from my gramma as well as a super chic knited scarf i'd been wanting. from george and andrea and the girls i got some heavenly pear tea and a very cute clown beanie baby. sweet birthday presents from my sweet family.

if anything else amazing happens, i'll be sure to update.


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