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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

storage solutions: kids' closets.

lately, i have been feeling the effects of an added person in our little 1300 square feet, and my brain is whirling with things i need to organize! and put away! and just move off of horizontal surfaces, please! please! please! i'm having a hard time focusing this post because there are so many things i want to do, and i'm having a hard time developing a plan.


i'm starting out with the two built-in closets in the kids' rooms. there is tons of space that isn't anywhere close to full, and i know i could be using it more effectively. i am going to post photos of the closets and...hope for inspiration to strike. no, really. that's the purpose of this post. and if you want to comment with any and all ideas, i'd be forever grateful. thankssomuch.

gray's closet.

section 1 -- in season clothes, shoes, pj's, socks, etc.
(you will soon see gray's closet is way neater than ellie's.
he doesn't try on clothes excessively.)

section 2 -- cooler weather clothes, underwear, too-big-for-lylah cloth diapers.

section 3 -- some of lylah's clothes and some toys.

section 4 -- more of lylah's clothes and some more toys.

ellie's closet.

section 1 -- clothes, shoes, hair ties, etc.

section 2 -- more clothes, dress up tutus, ballet bag.

section 3 -- too-small-for-ellie/too-big-for-lylah clothes, ellie baby momentos, etc.

section 4 -- more too-small/too-big, art easel, other random junk ellie sticks in there

drawers -- there are four of these in each kids' closet. they are big.

cubbies -- there are four of these in each kids' closet. they are HUGE.



Aimee Nicole said...

I'm assuming the cubbies are what's on top of the kiddos' closets? I'd suggest those for storage. Buy some clear tubs your can stick a notecard in the end of (so you can write out what's in it and see it without digging) and store stuff up there that is not being used now or very regularly- too small/too big clothes, momentos, dipes, etc. With Ellie's closet, since she's in it so much, I'd suggest minimizing what's on the bottom of her closet so it gets less mixed up/cluttered with her exploration and playtime. It's easier to pick things up if it doesn't have to be separated and sorted first. I love the hanging fabric shelves for the closet. I fold up all my pants and put them in one. You could also put a fabric boxes on the hanging shelves to store underwear, socks, etc.

Maybe a big open top toy bin (wal-mart has some) that would fit in the bottom of Ellie's closet for her dress up clothes- an organized mess she can reach and clean-up herself. You can always hang something on the back of your sliding doors- maybe tie the easel shut and put up a command strip hook to store it on on the back of the door?

I have a few storage magazines you can borrow and flip through for ideas, if you'd like

Aimee Nicole said...

I just looked at your pics again. :) I think your too big/too small closet is definitely your least effective use of space. I really think the hanging shelves would be super effective for this space- use fabric bins to store toys, or other small loose items. Or fold the clothes and put them on the shelf- you can label each shelf for size/season. (this may be a good way to rotate in/out of season clothes and store too small stuff you want to keep in the cubbies? Plastic trash cans are a cheap storage option- you could keep Gray's golf clubs, guitar, and other tall toys in a small trash can so they're easy to get to, but are kept in a neat small space. Maybe use Gray's room as the storage room, since the girls will need more space for the age/size gapped clothes and toys that will be used simultaneously? Okay, I'll stop commenting. :)

I love organing, btw, if you need a helper.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Aimee: I think the cubbies would be most effective for the too big/too small clothes. Honestly, I never even knew those closets had cubbies on top. Haha I guess that's what happens when you're short. I think Aimee has basically the same ideas I had. If you need any help, you have my number. Even if it's just entertaining the children so you have time to organize. Love you!