Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Sunday, June 20, 2010

travis graduates, and surrounding activities.

my littlest brother graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago. we were, of course, present and accounted for for the blessed event. the saturday before the ceremony, there was a party in his honor at scott and kelly's. for some reason, i took 1 million photos at the party. i blame it on my beautiful family. that and scott's beautiful house. the natural light is to die for. the morning after the party (still a few days before graduation), the boys all went to golf so kelly and i hiked through their hilly oak cliff neighborhood to take the kids to the swings. and kelly found out how out of shape i really am. following are photos of all said events. there are many. scroll on.

the party.

see all those blue caps and gowns? west side, baby!
travis graduated from plano. boooooo!
only plus is kelly (also a wildcat) now has a friend.
(i was tragically tanning-bed tan senior year. eesh.)

the boys.

mom and grad.
that pretty necklace my mom is wearing was travis' gift to her for making sure he graduated from high school. he knows she deserved a cruise and a million dollars, but he did his best. hehe. (she adores it.)

grayson throwing a fit in the light of the stained glass window.

(love those dining room chairs.)

some more men.


the stained glass window.
it was daylight outside when this was taken. i got lucky on the shot. couldn't tell you how/why it turned out this way.

had to have a bath after the cupcake from a few photos ago.


"you did it!"


the fam.
(look how tall landon is. handsomeness.)

grayson did not want to take photos. or wear clothes. stink pot.

gray and kyla. i adore this photo.

this one's pretty stinkin cute, too.

high fives for papa john!

landon. and kelly's legs.

after using scott as a jungle gym, at least the girls were kind enough to help him up.

kelly and travis.

sisters on zoom.

the swings.

love this. just wished i'd gotten it before bomber had her poop baggie dangling off of her leash. eh, at least it's pink.

"yes, i am the cutest boy ever."

swinging like a big girl.

i tried to swing with him on my lap. he acted like i was trying to saw off his fingers, one-by-one.

so...swinging like a big boy.

a rare shot of me and both kids.

the ceremony.

the true blue in a sea of maroon.
plano! plano! plano west wolves!

principal's address. after many, many years at pshs, he's retiring.

students at attention.

there he is! 1 of 1300ish.

hard to see but caps are a-flying.

travis wanted to kill us. he was not in the mood for photos.

but seriously?! how could we not?! love it.

with gramma and grampa.


we are proud.

(yes, they mispronounced his last name. and i'm willing to bet it's because he didn't spell it phonetically on his little card like he was supposed to. seniors. sheesh.)


Wendy said...

I saw your maiden name a million times when I did your wedding album, but never thought about how it's pronounced. . . . PI-land?
Great pics! I'm sure you guys are all very proud.

seph said...

i always spelled it "PIE-land" when i had to spell it phonetically. my sister-in-law told me she spelled it "PIE-lund" when she graduated with her masters, which is even more accurate.