Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

scared to and of death.

does a blog die? can it have been too long since i regularly updated this? is it going to be too late to start up again once i have some way to do it? does anyone even check any more?

i am literally crying at landon's desk at the church because i miss my blog. and i feel like it's dead. i feel like i won't get it back. it's been so long.

and what if i do get a computer and then i still can't get back in the swing? i feel like i hardly have time to breath. is not having a computer the only problem? or is my brain so filled with SCHOOL that i won't be able to think of what to blog anyway? i don't even have any pictures to post of my kids because i'm NEVER WITH THEM. this blog is supposed to be my BABY book. it's what's documenting my children's lives. and i'm NOT DOING IT.

i'm failing.

the blog is dying.

somebody teach me cpr. can i give cpr and cry at the same time?


JAC said...

I check your blog just about every day looking for your interesting notes and always looking for pictures! I do miss you. Love you. Baca

beautiful chaos said...

My blog misses your blog!
Hope you're back in action soon!

no_iffer said...

I check your blog every day(hour)! I'll be happy to do some research about CPR for blogs. Perhaps driving up the road a few blocks to a friend's computer to write? I'd leave you alone. :)

And I'm sorry school has consumed your gets better in November. I don't know how it does, but it does. :)
I hope that's encouraging...

kj said...

i check your blog everyday...many, many times a day. many. it's sad how many. i know you're sad, but don't worry, your blog will be revived when you get a new computer. you are a writer. writing is what you do and your blog is your place to do it! don't worry! it's gonna be just fine. we're all here waiting for you when you get back in the swing of things! love you, sister!

ree said...

I went from April to August without a single blog. There was so much going on with Dan's mom and work at that time that to sit down and even think of how I would articulate it in words was too much. I let it go for that time, but I missed it so much!

I don't want you to let it go because I love to hear about you and the family (selfish, I know). I agree with kj, though. You are a writer! I don't think you'd be able to let it go for long! But a single stroke of a key would be all that it would take to revive it!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I check your blog everyday too Sarah. And I promise you're really not missing much with Ellie and Gray. It pretty much consists of watching "Mermaid" these days! Don't worry. Life will calm down and go back to normal soon. I promise. Love you girl!

kablot spot said...

I check it with my "most often checked" list, and I barely know you. So don't worry. You have loyal followers.

SharonIppolito said...

I check in too! it hasn't died Sarah!