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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, June 18, 2009

dirt cheap entry decor.

i've changed the items resting on this cabinet several times since i purchased it.

here's the current arrangement:

the entire thing cost about $20, and only that much because the candle was $10. the candle is far and away the most expensive of the whole lot. most all of it is from the salvation army thrift store, my most favorite place to shop.

"sing, sing, sing!!!" art print: free!, indie fixx

indie fixx has an amazingly cool project going on called "feed your soul: the free art project." you can go to the site and choose from dozens of free prints. new ones are added every week. you click them, they're downloaded to your computer and then you print them on cardstock. you can frame them, or, as i've done here, just hang them on a binder clip held to the wall by a nail. nothing fancy. just totally awesome.

white, plastic-framed mirror that reminds me of milk glass: $3.89, salvation army

oldish, classic children's books: $1.39 and $.69, salvation army

old glass bottle: $1.79, salvation army
old creamer:
$.69, salvation army
(i have officially, without premeditation, started a creamer collection.)
hanging welcome sign: $4.99, home goods in san antonio
ikea frames: free, my closet
printed family snapshots: $.12 ea., HEB
lavender-sented soy candle: $10, HEB

and there you have it. you may like it. you may not. it isn't pottery barn. but it makes me happy. the sense of accomplishment i have for displaying things i enjoy while spending very little money is my favorite part.

now, i need to quit staring at my entry decor and do the dishes.

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La said...

I'm in love with S.A. and Goodwill and garage sales these days too. Decorating and clothing my family for mega cheap just thrills me to no end. Even when we have some money it's just way more exciting to dress my daughter super cute for only 50 cents! =)

Anyway, you HAVE to check out this link to a "goodwill party" one of my favorite bloggers hosted. Lots of people linked up with their finds and transformations. It's totally inspiring!