Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sunday night.

it's thundering. i love thunder. it's 10:45. i should go to bed. taks tests are this week. not sure if i'll be less tired or more tired. less planning, but 4 hours of "monitoring?" sounds tiring. i need to pack my lunch. i need to pack the kids' lunch and stuff for tomorrow. i have a really cool post developing. it'll be another month before i post it. sorry. i never posted for gray's 8 month birthday. we're on the way to 9 months. there's a surgery gray may have to have if something doesn't adjust in his sweet little body before his 9-month checkup. so far it's not adjusting. pray for him? my to-do list is phenomenally long. ela cert test is saturday. please, oh, please, let me pass. the tea is saturday too. yay! i need to find just the right teapot. so far said pot is elluding me. i laid two tiny pieces of paper on the altar this morning. i laid the complication at His feet. i'll probably have to lay it at His feet again tomorrow. such is my weak and confused soul. i want to eat blackberries and whipped cream. i also want to eat toast with cinnamon & sugar. weird combo. i think i'm allergic to aspartame, the sweetner in my beloved diet coke. not good. found diet coke with splenda. *smiles.* i need to do a post about the vintage treasures i've aquired the past couple weeks. they make me happy. i bought a piece of furniture today. a nice piece. it'll be delivered tomorrow. will post pics. is this making you nauseous? sorry. the fact that, this summer, one of my sisters is getting married and another is having a baby keeps making me cry. the built-ins in my living room are ever-evolving. i don't think i'll ever love them. landon is cute. i did 1 million loads of laundry yesterday. i have 1 million left. i think i have enough stuff for a full-blown garage sale. how is that possible? i am endlessly jealous that kylah is going to hawaii. i am endlessly jealous of jenny's flower-photographing ability. i need to buy some of those photos. i need to buy some of the photos of my family. i already have another shoot scheduled, and haven't ordered enough from the last two. i need to do something on the big, blank wall in my living room. a wall of jenny photos is a good idea. i was trying to be firm with ellie earlier tonight. against my will, i broke into hysterical laughter. grayson, who was in my arms, started cracking up because i was. which made me laugh more. which made him laugh more. ellie escaped. man, i love my kids. life is hard, but it's so good. tough times and insecurity roll steady in the background as the foreground is punctuated with snapshots of what really counts. amazing grace and sweet, sweet love abound.

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