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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Friday, February 20, 2009

friday's favorite things.

if you know me, you know i'm an internet junkie. and you know i love to google everything i see and love to find out where i can get it. and when i'm looking for those things, i find other things to love and covet. it's really a pretty time consuming hobby. i often send favorite things links to friends and family. the jury is still out as to whether they appreciate those links or not.

so, partly to clear some space in my sisters' and moms' inboxes and partly to have one place to save my favorite things, i'm launching friday's favorite things. i'll feature three or four things i'm loving each week with links, prices and why i'm in love.

feel free to email or comment with things you're loving that i might love too.

on to this week...

this is the olivia crib from pottery barn kids. i swoon over it's vintage-inspired beauty. right now, the crib and crib mattress are on sale for $999. needless to say, i do not have this crib. kylah and i have been drooling over it for the past couple days though. i promise i haven't been trying to persude her to buy it for her August baby. (ahem.)

this is the american appearl knot-top baby hat in asphalt. i recently purchased two of these, one in the color shown, and one in chocolate brown. they're only $3.99!! grayson looks a-dor-able in them. he sort of has some crazy half-bald-half-hitler hairdo going on right now, and it's still sorta chilly. he looks so sweet in hats, so i decided to get him a couple he could wear right into the spring. these are very light and highly recommended. plus they come in 14 yummy colors.

and finally, the to-die-for sugar scrub cubes from naiad. this flavor is passionfruit papaya. i haven't tried it, but i do have vanilla chai. they are amazing. i love how my skin feels after a sugar or salt scrub, but they're usually really messy and oily. these are solid cubes that you take in the shower and scrub over you. they get soft quickly in the steam, leave your skin very, very soft and smell divine. also, they don't leave a nasty mess. bonus. i love to use them before a date or after a long day. at $13.50, they cost a tad more than something you could pick up at walmart or target, but such an indulgence is worth it for a busy, tired mama.

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Michelle said...

I just bought the sugar scrub cubes and I can not wait to try them. I think the favorites thing is wonderful!