Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy happy 2009.

this year i resolve to:

-eat a cup of yogurt every day. maybe it'll help my thrush.
-subscribe, more or less, to the "weigh down diet" plan of eating. eat when hungry. stop when full. remember that no matter how much it seems so, the world's supply of chocolate is not in jeopardy, and there will be more available even if i decide not to eat 37 pieces in one sitting.
-cook dinner at home more. should not be hard considering how often i did it in 2008.
-not get pregnant or have a baby. for the first time since 2006.
-squeeze and love and nurture the babies i do have as much as is humanly possible.
-run. run for me. run for fun. run for the challenge and the health benefits and the accomplishment.
-not run if i'm in pain or too tired to keep my eyes open.
-indulge my love of ballet.
-be OK being the bawling matron-of-honor during laura's wedding.
-be OK being the bawling first-time aunt during sessie's birth.
-sing more in church.
-cut our debt in half.
-increase our savings account balance from 61 cents.
-get the nursery schedule out on time.
-trust God with the teaching situation. finally.
-maintain a strict (for me) schedule that will allow me to juggle all 10,000 balls i have flying without losing my mind.
-make my bed and do the dishes. if the bed is made and the dishes are done, the house seems clean. enough.
-resign myself to the fact that i suck at laundry. and get a really huge laundry hamper so we can at least get the clothes off the floor.
-read to the kids more.
-read to myself more.
-bathe the dog more.
-play outside more.
-do the bible study homework on the day i'm supposed to do it.
-fall more madly in love with my husband, and work harder at loving him in the ways i know he likes to be loved. (read: cook more.)
-go to bed no later than 11.
-make time for songbird pie, but temper my intense love for it enough to have a fighting chance at the rest of these resolutions.
-spend more time with my friends.
-take a vacation with landon. just him and me. preferably somewhere with mountains and a hot tub.
-grow closer to Jesus. 2008 was a huge year for our relationship, and i want more.

black eyed peas are simmering and bowl games are blaring. here's to 2009!


Wendy said...

Good luck on the not being pregnant deal. I, too, feel my house is clean if the dishes are done and the beds are made. Try primadophilus for yeast problems. It's safe while nursing and works better than anything else I've tried. Well, that and ginseng violet.

Rebecca Lynn said...

I loved reading these :) I could relate to SOOO many of them. By the way, who's sessie?