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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, December 01, 2008

setting the christmas card bar way too high.

today, i received the first official christmas card of the season from michelle and her two handsome boys, one big, one little.

it's december 1. as in, the very first day of the month in which the holiday of christmas falls. and her christmas card is HERE!

i'm not sure whether to be impressed or ticked.

our photo session is not until friday. then i have to give jenny time to edit the photos, figure out how i'm going to present them, buy that stuff, buy stamps, address the envelopes and mail them all.

it may be december 26 before you get mine.

stinkin michelle. setting the christmas card bar way, way too high.

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La said...

I remember a couple of years ago when we did some photo cards with the kids. I dressed them up in their matching black Gymboree Christmas clothes (that I got amazing deals on second hand by the way) and posed them in front of the Christmas tree on top of a big trunk. They were adorable.

But then the cards came. Somehow I had placed Julia's head right beside a big indian boy ornament (it's John David's - don't ask) and there was also a huge glob of green snot coming out of her nose. How in the world did I miss all of THAT?

Thank goodness for Daddy, photoshop, and another round of card ordering. (I will admit that due to running short, I did send the original snot laden cards to a few older people with bad eyesight!)

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