Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i knew i loved etsy.

love might be a bit weak. i swoon for etsy. literally. i'm getting as many christmas gifts as i possibly can from its shops. i'm working on opening my own shop. it's just so cool to think you're buying something that someone handmade in their craft room or studio or, like me, their kitchen. you're supporting someone's dream. and people's dreams are cool!

to make the great even better, i had a chance to pray for this awesome etsy seller this evening. as our conversation about her precious skirts progressed, we learned we share our faith, and i got to pray for her. i just think that's about the best thing ever.

go shop!


cassandra sagan webb said...

I have been avoiding etsy on purpose because I knew it would be wonderful. I finally went there today. Holy crap.

What kind of stuff have you ordered so far? Are you a seller on there?

This is bad...bad, bad, bad.

I'm gonna go look again. hehe.

seph said...

your life will never be the same. it is...incredible. like, i feel like i can't even comprehend how cool it is.

i've ordered jewelry from a girl in brooklyn, a leather cuff made of recycled leather from a girl in canada, hand-stamped coasters from someone in..utah, i think. i've ordered a recycled barn wood birdhouse for my grandparents and several pendant necklaces (cool paper affixed to old scrabble tiles) for my cousins for christmas. i am ordering an awesome baby headband from lou and lee (check them out!) for another christmas gift, etc. etc. etc. i love the toys. yarn, felt, wood greatness.

i am in the process of opening a shop. "songbird pie." i will post about it when it's open.

happy etsy shopping!