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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

lolli makes a steal.

i've been texting with my sister this afternoon about her dealings at once upon a child. she's taking some of kyla's old clothes there to sell, and she found these awesome booties for grayson:

the brand is me-in-mind, which is totally boutique. they are current season and sell for $26. laura got them from once upon a child, brand-new with tags, for $3.50! love it! sometimes once upon a child doesn't know all their boutique brands and you can come away with a great steal. i got some tea collection pants for grayson there before he was born for $5.50.

great job, lolli!

doesn't a great deal just make your day?!


La said...

I LOVE that store! Shopping at second hand stores is an obsession for me. Too bad I don't have more time and money. =) I used to make money all the time by buying all my kids' clothes used and then reselling them on Ebay for a higher amount. What a high!

Those shoes are super cute - Lolli did good for sure....

The Future Mrs. Long said...

Not only did I get a great deal I made the blog!!! What a wonderful day!!! :) I love you all.

D i P said...

I never liked this store - it always looked as a thrift store only a lot more expensive. But my neighbor buys from there so I decided to trade some of my best clothes / toys. Well, if you are on the trading side you will not be so pleased with ONCE UPON A CHILD. In Calgary NW they would pay you ONLY 1/20 or less of the price you payed the stores for your brand new clothes/toys. It is a rip! They are very expensive "middle man". On the other side I was looking for ski jacket for my son. They had expensive worn out junk. For the same price that I saw in ONCE UPON A CHILD I would have bought him a new ski jacket and pants (a 2 piece snowsuit).