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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Friday, September 12, 2008

a variety.

why i haven't showered: i wish i could take a shower, but our gas has been shut off. yes, i paid my bill. i was smelling rotten eggs earlier in the week and getting headaches. no one else could smell it, but landon agreed to call someone to get it checked out. as it turns out, we had a gas leak. the gas was turned off wednesday, someone came out yesterday to fix it and someone is supposed to be here today to turn it back on. so far, that third guy hasn't showed up. i got a shower yesterday 'cause the water heater tank was full when the gas was turned off, but i remain stinky so far today. it sucks because showers make me feel like i can get on with the day. i feel like i'm still sleeping until i take one. bleh.

why my God rocks: yesterday, for grayson's first official roadtrip, we went to abilene. it was fall council for the ag, and landon recieved his license to preach. we both went up to the front when he recieved it and were prayed over by david (landon's dad, david, i mean) and rita dubose. rita is the district superintendent's wife, and i was honored to have her pray over me. God has been speaking some cool things to me in the past few weeks, and i heard something really special while we were being prayed over yesterday. that's another post though.

why my God rocks II: speaking of how cool God is, landon and i have been so monetarily blessed in the past week and a half that my head is spinning. every time i turn around, some large chunk of unexpected change has landed in our laps. no explanation. in one instance, the giver doesn't even know us. we have more than two times the amount we need to make the payment you've read me whining about on here. it's been two months since i've become responsible for that payment, but both months are paid. and God paid them. as i told jenny, i'm already telling myself to remember this feeling -- the feeling of being perfectly and completely provided for -- when i start to wring my hands over next months payment. 'cause you know that will happen. but my prayer is that my faith would be exponetially increased as i watch God work an amazing miracle in this situation. it's apparent that is His plan.

medical update: i wrote about going to see the lactation consultant and the possibility of gray's latch being a little off and causing me major soreness. well, it's been determined that, while that may be a small factor, the bulk of my pain for the past three weeks has been caused by thrush. i officially found white patches in his mouth and my symptoms perfectly match those of a terrible infection. we were able to get prescriptions on wednesday (without even going in! yay!), and things are already so much better. thank goodness. i actually get to enjoy nursing my little man now. i like it that way. also a bonus on the nursing front, we managed to stop by motherhood while in abilene yesterday, and i have 3 new bras! ones that fit, are not from walmart and are not left over from the last baby. yuck.

ellie is the smartest little girl ever: on the way back yesterday, delana and i started asking ellie to say words we know she knows. we must've thought of 50 words that she could say back to us. and i know there are more. she's starting to be able to sing "twinkle, twinkle, little star" and starts singing the tune of the "abc's." most of time the words -- or letters -- are unintelligable, but she's definitely singing the tune. i need to get a video of her saying, "!" to post. it's so cute. landon taught her, and she says it with such enthusiasm. he's caught beaming every time.

and one final thought... COWBOYS PLAY MONDAY!!!

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Wendy said...

Just a note on the thrush - dealt with it a few times - a) wear nursing pads to help prevent it b)if the medicine doesn't work, use Gentian Violet - it's over the counter (may have to ask the pharmicist), under $2, will stain everything purple including his mouth and your nipples, but it works. You just rub a little in his mouth and on you with a q-tip a few times a day for a few days. The prescription medicine never worked for me, but Gentian Violet did.