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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, August 28, 2008


these days, i have the privilege of blogging and working from my husband's beautiful macbook. a couple months ago, my own trusty apple laptop died a complete and irreversible death. it flashes blue and black screens. no hope. landon typically leaves his laptop at the house during the day. he also has a super awesome desktop at the church that he can use so i can blog, email and write and report stories while at home with my babies. he has, however, taken his laptop to work for the past THREE DAYS. and, until tonight, he has LEFT THE LAPTOP AT THE CHURCH at night.

i have been suffering terrible internet/blogging/emailing/web surfing withdrawal symptoms. like, seriously, i've been depressed. sad, i know.

luckily, he brought it home tonight.

here is some of the buildup:
  • grayson has a newborn photo shoot scheduled with sprinkle of grace in the morning. sunken gardens, morning sunlight, naked baby butt, jenny pressing the shutter. i'm so excited.
  • wendy -- i'm on track for your five weeks of soreness. week three today, and i'm still miserable. blah!
  • ellie stole my nursing pad while i was feeding gray this afternoon and stuck it on her chest. silly girl.
  • i'm having a TERRIBLE time getting ellie down at nap time and bedtime these days. she literally sits in her bed for more than an hour, refusing to sleep. this afternoon, she was screaming bloody murder instead of taking her nap. all this through practically closing eyes because she is so tired. finally, i spanked her. after a little bit more protest, though significantly less intense, she finally gave in. i guess it worked.
  • during the same nursing session that she pulled the nursing pad silliness, ellie was climbing on the couch and yanking on the blinds. i, obviously, with an eating baby in my arms, could only scold her from the chair. she just stared at me and kept going. after 14 reprimands, i raised my voice. she frowned and then hit herself in the butt twice and said, "no! no!" she spanked herself! she mocked me! and kept messing with the blinds! oh, my, my, my. it was so hard not to laugh. i have my hands so full.
  • i feel like all my friends have gone back to school or have kids that have gone back to school. i know it's post-baby hormones, but i feel terribly left out. i want to smell freshly sharpened pencils.
  • i love going to heb. but somehow i always manage to spend at least $60 every time i go. that makes going 2 or 3 times a week a really bad habit.
  • i only go to heb after 10 p.m. with grayson. i still haven't tried to go shopping with both kids.
  • oh! i still haven't gotten my cell phone switched at sprint so my cell phone availability has been way down too, adding to my disconnectedness.
  • cowboys played their last preseason game tonight. a week-and-a-half and until the regular season opener! smu football opens their season with new head coach june jones (of the great u. of hawaii turnaround) at the helm this friday at rice. pony up! go mustangs!
  • landon just informed me that he hoped by taking his computer to the office this week, i'd be more productive. "it didn't work. in fact, the opposite came true. you went into hibernation." i guess he's getting that from the piles of laundry in the hall and the fact that EVERY dish in our kitchen is dirty in the sink or, because of overflow, on the counter. hmm. that'll teach him.
here are some pictures. no rhyme or reason. just "some." i've been getting requests.

ellie loves watching the baby channel in her orange chair.

daddy loves grayson.

i love this picture.

last thursday, two weeks old.

pa loves grayson too.

ellie loves pizza!

ah, family photos.

sweet kisses.

"anyone need mylicon?"

playstation boys.


Missy said...

those are sweet pictures!

Wendy said...

We, too, are being left out from the whole school starting stuff. If you're feeling up to taking a trip to the park or something, call me. I'm not busy at all and we love going. Sorry about the soreness. You're probably past the hardest of it.

Ashley said...

these are precious sarah! well, if you get really desperate me and noah are home all day long with nothing!i dont have school or work so, let me know. I might be getting pretty desperate to either get out or have company!!! anyway you have beautiful children!!