Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, June 23, 2008

monday recap.

i think this might be a record for number of posts in a day. at least for a really long time. here's a picture of ellie from today and a video of me trying to get her to talk when all she wants is her milk. her new(er) words are "mommy" (love that one!), "night night," "ellie," "hot" and "thank you." today was truly the first time i heard her say "ellie." she pointed to herself and said it. such a smart girl. the l's aren't perfectly pronounced, but she's only 16 months, people. she doesn't actually say "thank you" on this video, she signs it. she only says it when it's her idea. if you ask her to say it, she signs it. whatever. she really can say it though.

also today, she took off her diaper some time during her nap AGAIN. pee everywhere. luckily the waterproof pad was on this time. i've gathered i can't put her to sleep without shorts or a onesie. crazy child.

other things that happened today:
  • i reported and wrote a story and reported another i'll write tomorrow.
  • the baby gate fell and broke this vase i've had since my junior year in college when my mom helped me decorate my apartment. it fit the asian theme that i loved so much. it had random asian characters, not sure what language, and cranes. it now resides in the trash bin in the alley. sad.
  • i think we decided on a middle name for gray... i won't reveal it yet, but i'm pretty sure we're sure! finally!
  • i went to heb -- i love heb -- and bought central market pomegranate italian soda. i had some lemon flavor at mom's when we were there last and it is SO good. i drank some tonight out of wine glass. makes it even more special. i love that heb has some central market things. i miss central market.
  • my sciatic nerve (isn't that what's hurting when that shooting pain starts in your back, goes down your butt and all the way into your leg to your knee, making you catch your breath?) is officially bothering me 24/7.
  • i watched a movie with my husband after dinner and baby bedtime, which is always a treat.
  • i haven't been following my cleaning schedule to a t, but i have been keep the place rather picked up, if i do say so myself. if you know me, you know this type of consistent maintenance for nearly two whole days is quite the accomplishment.
  • even though she peed everywhere, ellie took a 4-hour nap. literally. no exaggeration. it was phenomenal. i wasn't even really mad about the pee.
  • i found an AMAZING deal on a gently used glider on craigslist. it's a green color that appears to compliment gray's bedding, and it's huge and all upholstered, just like i'm wanting. it was $550 new, and i'm promised it's in top condition. the pictures do not contradict that claim. i'm getting it for way less than half the original price, which is also way less than i'd pay for even a cheap(er), new glider that i don't really love. it's in dallas, and my fabulous brother has agreed to go pick it up and hold it for me until we're up there again in about 10 days. very exciting. i figure, if the color isn't perfect, i can always have it recovered.
  • as i already posted, we got a refund check from the hospital for $211! a-ma-zing.
and.. i think that's it. photo and video follow. hope your monday was as lovely as mine.


marme said...

I swear her hair is turning red.
Strawberry blond!

Natalie said...

i love to watch her giggle! she's got your smile for sure. oh and I have a guess for grayson's middle name... is it... Natalie? :) Miss you.

JAC said...

That's my little angel britches!

Meems said...

Faith made me let her watch Ellie about five times. So cute.