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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

first pool trip of summer 2008.

i would just like to say that the first trip to the pool was SO much fun. getting to talk with jenny, melissa, angela and cathy and our 8.5 kids while getting sun and staying cool is my idea of the perfect activity. (melissa didn't bring josh, and i'm counting grayson as .5 at this point.)

ellie had a blast. we were there two hours, and i slathered her with sunblock about four times. she looked a little pinky when i laid her in her crib. i don't know if four times was enough. but she kicked her feet in a little baby floaty we borrowed from melissa, she loved to "jump" from the side of the pool after mommy counted "1-2-3!" and she even blew bubbles. oh, and she wanted to play with every ball she saw. "ba! ba! ba! ba!" i think we're gonna have lots of fun at the pool these next couple of months.

strangely, she refused to nap before we left for the pool. and we got there at 2 and stayed until 4. that means she hadn't had any nap by 4 p.m., and she'd been playing in the sun and water for two hours. needless to say, she was sacked before i could pull out of my parking space. i think we could've stayed a little longer if she'd napped beforehand. all the other girls were there going strong when i decided our time was up for the day. but ellie was screeching her high-pitched squeal, and i knew things were only going to go downhill. i'm going to be very surprised if she wakes up before tomorrow. just kidding. sorta.

anyway, it was super fantastic. i would go there everyday, i think. the other moms are planning on at least once a week. i guess that'll do.

you know what's insane? what ellie looked like last summer. here are two different water experiences: one in june. and one in july.

holy mackerel.

here she is today:


beautiful chaos said...

How cute! I am glad you came!!
We had a great time - until somebody unleashed diarrhea in the pool. You didn't miss too much...

Meems said...

We all cut out about 4:30pm. With good reason I would say. I'm glad we did much fun!