Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

baby room progress.

there hasn't been any technical progress made on the actual baby's room, but the time is drawing nearer because of the progress made on ellie's new room.

i believe i've said it before, but she's moving to the big front room (formerly the guest room) so the smaller room that's closer to ours can be gray's nursery.

yesterday, with beautiful "cutting in" help from angela and a lovely two-coat job by kylah, ellie's room got painted. it's a light purple-y color, very close to what she had in her original nursery in plano. there are some touch ups that need to be done on the ceiling, window sills and the door jamb, but it looks really good, in my opinion.

today i scraped this ridiculous yellow ticky tack off of the ceiling that was there when we moved in. you know, little tiny dots that probably held those plastic glow-in-the-dark stars or something. i also swept the floors, dusted the window sills and fans, removed old window treatment hardware (also from the previous tenant) and cleaned the floors with some special hardwood-cleaning stuff.

there's one more project to complete before we move e's stuff in there: painting the baseboards. the baseboards through this entire house are horrid looking. best we can tell, they restained the wood floors, slopped the stain up on the white baseboards and left it that way. the walls through the whole house (except the now-purple room) are an olive greenish, taupe color, and, for some reason, the nasty baseboards are slightly masked next to this paint color. next to a vibrant purple, however, they are blaringly jacked up. so...we're going to give them a couple coats of white so clean up the look. also, kylah had this genius idea of running a line of caulk (david, you may be volunteered for this project) along the top of the baseboards after they're painted for a crisp, clean line. i LOVE that idea.

anyway...i'd totally be painting the boards now, while ellie is napping, but the tape landon bought me is in david's truck which is at the church. boo. i planned to have her in the new room tonight, but i think it might be thursday night. i want to get her in there asap so she can get used to it before gray comes.

then we'll have eight weeks to get everything ready in his room.

i bought some green paint for his room yesterday when we bought ellie's, but it's looking too bright/yellow for what i'm wanting now that i have it home. i'm annoyed because that's $13 wasted in addition to the $13 wasted for the 2nd gallon of paint we bought for ellie's room. it's a big room, and i didn't think one gallon would go the whole way for two coats. it's was the exact amount. i should've known better. i wish walmart would take paint returns. poop.

anyway, i'm going to have to go to lowe's or home depot, i think, to pick a color for gray's room. they just didn't have enough selection at walmart. i've been told that you can pick a color at lowe's or home depot and take it to walmart where they can match it in their generic brand. cheaper, you know. that's what i'm going to try.

i'll take pictures of ellie's room once her furniture is moved and walls adorned. there are a few things we've had since she was born that have never gone up in her room (pottery barn box shelves, pottery barn metal hooks with pink glass knobs) due to space limitations and a few new things (a big, round, pink shag rug, a new ellie-sized purple bean bag chair, a tile mirror collage, pottery barn white, sailcloth curtains) that will round out her larger big-girl room. it should be fun.

even though i'm excited, i'm feeling a little blue. i've admitted my strange, nostalgic connection with rooms, and i think the combination of that and knowing that our lives are about to be so different is making me wistful.

it'll be OK though. i know that. the Lord has great things in store for my children. both of them. they are an immeasurable blessing.


kablot spot said...

purple can be turned to brown fairly easily by adding yellow- and black to make it darker (I think.) but you might ask someone at a paint store that mixes custom paints to do it.

Sandy said...

I can hardly wait to meet Gray.. You can take the paint back and have the color adjusted to get a better shade of green for his room without having to waste that can of paint. Get the paint chip that goes with the current color and look at the other options in that group. Maybe all is not lost!! Good luck with the preparations!

Meems said...

I bet the room will look great!

You do realize that Crystal set the bar at one picture of the growing belly per month, with the prior month to show the difference.

Pregnancy slacking is not allowed:(