Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Sunday, April 06, 2008

because i'm eating directly from the rainbow sherbet tub.

yeah. that's why i decided to write. i have a few random thoughts rolling around in my head, but nothing was just popping out as great blog material. but in order to stop the sherbet madness, i opened a blank post. must otherwise occupy hands.

so.. what to say, what to say.

bible study was awesome today. i'll admit i'm behind on the homework, but the video sessions are wonderful, not to mention chock-full of insight and revelation, regardless of if you're homework is done. attendance was low tonight since we've had the last two weeks off, but the experience was wonderful as usual. just sitting in a roomful of women who want more of Jesus - even if that's the only thing we have in common - is just so overwhelmingly uplifting. it was challenging on many levels. in a nutshell, i felt a call to stop being only sweetly moved by the idea of going to the next level with Jesus and actually go there.

ellie fell asleep on the way home from church. that was at 8:30. this is the child who normally goes to bed at 10 unless i force her to go before. she's still sleeping soundly now.

my tummy is a little achy from all the sherbet now.

landon mowed our yard and david and delana's yard on friday. well, he only had time to do our front yard. it's a lot of grass. and the edging took forever since it was the first mow of the season. i'm really thankful to him because he's agreed to mow david and delana's lawn each week to pay off one of our debts. what a faithful, hardworking husband.

i was blessed by something he suggested after he mowed too. "i think we should get a couple lawn chairs, and after i mow each friday, we should sit and drink cold diet dr. peppers, watch ellie play and admire the lawn," he said. i'm such a quality time girl, and suggestions like that make me melt.

i was also blessed by all your encouraging comments on my "snowball" post. i've felt "inspired" to attack the debt several times, but the inspiration rarely remains after a few days. "maybe next month," i always think. but i really feel like we're on the cusp of major difference-making. i think that has large part to do with your prayers and positivity. thank you.

mmm, let's see what else.

definitely achy.

i really should go to bed now since it's nearly 10, and tomorrow's a workday. but landon is still playing basketball, and i hate going to bed alone. i'm totally not the center-of-attention, life-of-the-party girl, but i am immeasurably blessed by the companionship of the one my heart loves.

i hope he comes home soon.

i'm sorry for this terribly dull post.

at least it served its purpose: saving my belly from any further, sure-to-give-me-heartburn, sherbet goodness.


Meems said...

Had fun the other evening! You are so sweet.

beautiful chaos said...

Mmmmm... rainbow sherbert.
Here I am looking for a good excuse to indulge and you're trying to make up reasons NOT to.
That's probably why we're friends.
I could come over and relieve you from the agony that is ice cream heartburn. Just a thought...