Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i'm thinking if i hurry up and eat all the easter candy, then it will be gone. so i'll stop eating candy.

that is just one of the random thoughts going through my brain right now.

others include:

  • a friend of mine gave me a graco duo glider (aka: a double stroller) when i was in dallas last, and i really, really wanna start walking in the mid-mornings with casen and ellie. starting tomorrow, i'm at the halfway mark of this pregnancy tomorrow, and i'd really love to not pack on the pounds too much if i can help it. see easter candy headline.
  • i wrote and deleted then rewrote the previous bullet after contemplating whether the admission of already having a double stroller (whining: "it's pale green and maroon plaid and a different brand than my carrier!") would lower the chances of my coming to own a super awesome baby trend deluxe sit-n-stand, which can be a traditional sit-n-stand or a traditional double stroller, that matches my stuff. pathetic. i know.
  • i had an ob appointment yesterday that sorta got lost in the mix since i also found out i'm having a SON (!!!) yesterday (sorry.. i exclaim that every 20 minutes these days.) i gained a pound. in a month. it's weird because i lost 15 pounds in my first 12 weeks of pregnancy. i gained two back by week 15.5 and then one by week 19.5. so do i not start counting what i gained with this pregnancy until i get to the original start weight?
  • be clear, i only lost weight because my body was finally DOING something - making a baby - to burn calories. there is plenty to sustain my SON without gaining much. i'm already in possession of plenty of baby weight. i never gave it back from the last time.
  • i'm contemplating a very organized spring cleaning/project completing mission. angela inspired me. i'm thinking of going room-to-room, one room a day, with a detailed list of projects in that room and supplies for deep cleaning. we're talking baseboards and grout here, people. note that i am still just contemplating this. baseboards and ground are typically way out of my league.
  • i don't think i've loaded the dishwasher in...a really long time.
  • miracle grow truly is a miracle.
  • i'm tempted to hoard my $150 freelancing check (oh, so impressive, huh. blah.) from march to buy pretty flowers. i'm thinking of saving it until may so i'll have pretty stuff on my back patio for christal's shower. though miracle grow is a miracle, i don't want to risk buying stuff now and having it all die before the party, which is a highly likely possibility.
  • i want a vegetable garden. i think i will try one. tomatoes and peppers are what i want most. i would die for a roma tomato and an orange bell pepper right about now. mmm.
  • i said on this blog yesterday, before i went to the doctor, that i'd just started feeling the baby through really light flutters, and i felt like i should have been feeling more. i told the nurse about it at my ob appointment yesterday, and she said all is well. "don't you have another little one?" "yeah." "how old?" "13-and-a-half-months." "oh, yeah. the baby's been moving. you've just been busy." makes perfect sense. this time last pregnancy, i was staring at my belly so much i could have counted pores. since the appointment, i've been feeling HIM (my SON!) lots more. if HIS sonogram was any indication, i'm in for some excitement this second half. HIS arms and legs were waving like HE was swimming in the olympics. i'm so excited to feel HIM now. simply miraculous.


no_iffer said...

I have that same philosophy for candy! The problem is that about the time I finish the candy another holiday comes along!

I bet you could have a garden. Tomatoes, squash and certain peppers aren't terribly hard to raise. And what's the startup - a few bucks for seeds or starter plants? That's not bad...

Congratulations on the boyness of your belly! I am so excited! I can't believe that we're going to have another boy...and I love that we'll have a Grayson, Casen and Mason.

Sara_Smiles said...

two cents! I want to put in two cents...

If you can grow will...(insert something witty and intelligent here - my pregnant brain is not working).

I have to add my boy name to the list of *ending in N names* - Owen. :) Awesome! And, congrats again!

Wendy said...

All my strollers, carseats, baby assessories were hand-me-downs, so none of mine match either. But, can't complain. It's free.

kdp said...

i have five cents. I AM SO GLAD THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE SCARFING DOWN THE EASTER CANDY. sorry i know your blog is about other stuff, its just this is the only thing that yelled out at me.

crys said...

this is why i threw all the candy away...except, of course, for the gummy bears and mike and ike's that the "easter bunny" brought.