Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, February 11, 2008

the time for bullets has come.

  • first of all, my husband turned 28 last thursday, and i didn't write a thing about it. how horrible! that late post is coming.
  • the reason WHY lots of thing, like posting about landon's birthday, have not happened, is because ellie is sick. today is day 7.
  • ellie is sick. she has a runny and stuffy nose, but it is clear or white. she is coughing, sneezing and running a fever anywhere from 99.5 to 101. for the first few days, she was acting herself so i wasn't too worried. she started acting lethargic sometime while i was gone in san antonio this weekend.
  • (i was in san antonio this weekend. landon watched ellie. sick ellie. he is an amazing dad.)
  • we're going to the doctor at 2:20 today.
  • one bullet would not be enough room to include everything i went through to get a doctor's appointment. i have serious concerns about the shortage of medical staff in this town. serious concerns.
  • my family is coming this weekend for ellie's party!!
  • i really hope ellie is better by the time her party gets here. this is literally the first time she's ever been sick in her life, and i hate that it's during her 1st birthday.
  • i'm writing three stories for the s-t this week so look for me. the editor-in-chief seems to like me and is encouraging all his editors to assign stories to me. sweetness.
  • ellie fell asleep in her excersaucer today. she won't fall asleep anywhere but her bed, and this was a completely gasp-inducing sight for me. i have photos and video i'll post later. she was snoring.
  • my grandaddy is out of the hospital, and the doctor said it is not uncommon for people his age to have a seizure for no known cause. ??? he also has pneumonia, but is at home recovering fairly well. he has regained his memory. thank you for your prayers.
  • i am really sad i missed the v-day card-making party at wendy's. i just got in to town pretty late, and my baby girl was sick so i headed home.
  • we have a new tv. a 42" hd, lcd vizio tv. it's electronic beauty defined. my crafy husband was asking for best buy cards for christmas and his birthday to save. he has about $300 worth right now. and instead of buying a more expensive tv at best buy, he figured out he could spend the same amount of cash buying a cheaper vizio from sam's and save the gift cards for a ps3. um, i'm really quite annoyed that he's that clever. though the blueray (high-def) dvd player that comes inside a ps3 is easing the annoyance ever so slightly.
  • now we'll have everyone over for mavs watching parties! as soon as we actually get cable...
  • in the meantime, we have started watching lost from season 1 on our lovely new tv. we watched the first three episodes last night, and ho-ly crap is all i can say.
  • we're getting new id tags for the nursery this week sometime, and i'm super excited. you will be too when you see them.
  • um, i think that's all. at least that's all i can think of...

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