Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


1.) can someone please invent a way to write in the shower? i get all my ideas and think of everything i need to get done and hear from God in the shower. by the time i get out, i'm afraid i've forgotten half of it. i need waterproof post-its.
2.) if you were me, would you pick out baby bedding that works for a boy or a girl so you would have it before the baby gets here? or wait until after he/she is born to get anything?
3.) is there a public pool in this town? it has only been in the 70s so far, and i'm already hot. i think ellie and i are going to be living at the pool this summer. i haven't even tried one on, and i've already gotten over my fear of maternity swimsuits.

that is all for now.


Meems said...

I did Joshua's room in western because we did not find out if he would be a she.

If he had been a she it was going to be a rhinestone cowgirl look.

I regret it. I should have waited. I would have gone with a completly different look after meeting him.

kj said...

1.) why don't you invent waterproof post-its. then you can take care of our families forever! :)
2.) i say, let's just find out what the baby is and then start buying things before he/she is born...
3.) there is a pool, and last summer all of those wonderful saf mothers had pool dates. i'm sure they'll do it again!

crys said...

i'm with kj...i would just find out what the baby is and start buying!

also, we did have a couple of pool dates. we'll have to do more this summer!

oh...i forgot to give you my maternity swimsuit. i'll get it to you soon!

Wendy said...

baby bedding - I, too, found out the sex of my boys before they were born, but if you are waiting, I don't think it'd be a big deal to wait till the baby was born to buy bedding. You don't really need it at first especially if you have a bassinet. It all really serves little purpose.